31 January 2006

welp...we're home.

doesn't that just say it all?

huh. wow. it's weird to be home after being gone for a month. everything looks different...but the not at the same time. even my kitchen seems bigger to me (ugh. more to clean...)

so i'm completely overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done around here...the fridge is completely empty (except for a couple wrinkled apples...and some mustard. yum?)...the laundry is attempting mutiny with plans to take over our bedroom...there's sand in the suitcases...i have worship practice tonight...school started yesterday and i'm already behind...i have over 1,000 pictures (the number is shockingly closer to 2000) to upload onto my computer and work on...sigh...and here i sit...writing to my blog. not surprising i suppose. oh well...there's always tomorrow right? heh.

anyways...i have so much to share about my month in mexico...but i really do need to get started on stuff around here. maybe tonight when things settle down i'll post another blog...

hope everyone's january was splendid!

oh...and for those of you who requested postcard (and for a few of you who didn't)...they're on their way. the whole $.39 stamp (and the fact that they cost almost a $1.50 to send from mexico) thing kinda threw the whole thing off...so...sorry they're a tad late. better late than never eh?

02 January 2006

i'm off to see the wizard...

well...the day has arrived...a bit wet and windy...but it's here nevertheless...we're leaving for mexico!!! YAY!

technically we don't leave the country til tomorrow...but one of john's friends is coming out to pick us up in a few hours and we'll spend the night in the bay area since we havta be at the airport so bloody early.

so. we'll be gone til the 30th of january. i'm not sure how much access we'll have to the internet...but we're taking john's computer and maybe i'll pop into a few internet cafes if i get a chance.

looking forward to taking some awesome pics!

if you want a postcard from us...post your address in the reply section of this blog...

have a great january!