22 March 2009

baby samari

i had the privilege to shoot a sweet newborn session yesterday. meet tiny samari! she was born a few weeks early and though she's grown quite a bit, she's still itty bitty! and oh so sweet. here's a sampling of my favorites from my time with the webster family.

father and daughter.

just wanted to share this fun shot i grabbed of our neighbor rich and his youngest daugher, kymber. love it!

07 March 2009

a sad day in the anaya household...

ok...in the scheme of things...there are sadder days in the world. however, last monday (the 2nd), elijah had his first haircut. those little baby curls on the back of his neck really just had to go. my mom did the honors while john held elijah and i, of course, documented the occasion. we were all a little sad...but it does look better. he really did not enjoy the scissors on his neck; he kept saying, "it burns! it burns!". silly boy.

and yes, i did save the trimmings. :o)

small town carnival...

last weekend was the annual almond blossom festival here in ripon. good times.
it started on friday (well, technically thursday night) but we didn't head over until friday afternoon. elijah, my mom and i walked (elijah rode his bike) over to the park to check out the carnival. e was content to just tool around on his bike; thankfully, he doesn't really get the whole point of carnivals yet, so we didn't have to stick around very long.

saturday morning was the parade, which elijah enjoyed, despite the lack of firetrucks. what's a parade without firetrucks? seriously. after his nap, we all headed back over to the carnival with john so that e could ride some rides. turns out, he wasn't tall enough for any of the ones he wanted to ride (like the motorcycles) so he just rode the train once with daddy and we called it good. i think we got out of there spending less than ten dollars! pretty impressive considering the cost of everything. honestly, e just wanted to ride his bike the whole time...and we were happy to let him. kind of a fun little small town tradition...