10 September 2008

my little lentil.

i've been thinking about lentils a lot lately.
not because they're yummy and super healthy and make a great soup.
mainly because that's the size of this little being that's growing inside me.
my little lentil.
and the most amazing thing?
it's little heart is already beating.
blood is starting to flow and pump and dance around that little lentil.

i'm never going to look at a lentil the same way again.

05 September 2008

two days in tahoe...

so...a couple weeks ago, john had a business meeting in tahoe...the same one he went to last year. always up for getting out of the heat, elijah and i tagged along with him. he was pretty busy with meetings and such, so we didn't see much of him but e and i had a good time regardless. here's just a smattering of pictures from our two days there...

he wanted so desperately to wash the sand off his hands...but wasn't quite brave enough to do it in the lake. this was as close as he got...

proof that john was there...