22 November 2009

my new favorite picture...

yes...elijah made this face in EVERY picture. *sigh* and so it begins...the silly picture faces. oh well. LOVE this picture anyways...and miss my parents so very much. we took this right before we got in the car to drive them to the airport...

21 November 2009

pretty peyton.

and once again i am blown away by how fast time flies. peyton is a regular here on this blog...can't believe she's almost ten months. and oh so pretty...

08 November 2009

pumpkin head number two.

i knitted a lot of pumpkin hats this fall. a LOT. twelve, i think. however, all twelve were destined for other cute little heads...my poor children were pumpkin hat-less. anticipating some good photo opportunities at the pumpkin patch, i decided to remedy that situation. elijah's hat was knitted up in about an hour as i used the same pattern i'd used for all the other hats (i had it memorized). with some super bulky yarn, it knitted up FAST (you can see a picture of his in my "october festivities" post). lucy's hat took a bit longer since i used a lighter weight yarn and a different pattern (actually, the pattern i used for elijah's first pumpkin hat which is too stretched out for lucy's head). i found myself frantically knitting at 11pm the night before we were scheduled to go to the pumpkin patch. i finished it in time, thankfully, and i'm so glad i did. it is so cute on her! i wasn't really able to get any fantastic pictures of the two of them in their semi-matching hats...but i got a ton of super cute ones of lucy. i just plopped her down into a bin full of pumpkins and shot away. i was interrupted several times by onlookers announcing her extreme cuteness and also curious if i had knitted her hat myself. i wish i had brought some business cards along with me! anyways...without further ado: my little pumpkin head...

(this one ^^ is not so much cute as it is funny...and very appropriate...as she's putting anything and everything in her mouth right now. we took that pumpkin home with us...)

07 November 2009

pretty mama.

i love maternity shoots. there's so much anticipation built into those last few weeks of pregnancy. this beautiful belly belongs to my dear friend, shannon. i love shooting her because she's so relaxed in front of the camera...that, and she'll do pretty much anything i ask her to do! ;o) i love the way these turned out...they're so much different than the ones i did with her first, noah (who was featured in a post a few weeks ago). can't wait to meet little jacob...

06 November 2009

october festivities...

october is just the beginning of the holiday madness. we didn't do much leading up to halloween...mainly because i'm not a huge fan of the day. however, we did make a trek over to the pumpkin patch and the kiddos went trick o' treating on saturday evening (well, lucy went to one house before she decided she was done). i had prepped elijah a bit beforehand, coaching him in what to say once he got up to the door. he had a very articulate "trick o' treat" followed by "thank you! happy halloween!". as we walked around the neighborhood, i could hear his sweet little voice saying it just right. i was a proud mama... ;o)

05 November 2009

kylie poo.

poor kylie. cutting a tooth and still we made her pose for the camera. such a cutie regardless!

03 November 2009

life around these parts...

you know life is busy around here when the blog posts are few and far between. i hope to get caught up soon but for now, here's a peek in pictures at what's been going on in the anaya household:

elijah rode his motorcycle BY HIMSELF.


lucy traveled with john and i to florida.

lucy got a highchair finally...

we went to the pumpkin patch!

halloween! (excuse the horrible noise on this picture...my camera settings were WAY off...and this was the best shot of the night)

i did a maternity shoot with my friends bryan and shannon (and their little boy noah...he was featured in his own post a few weeks ago).

i hope to do individual posts on each of the pictures but we'll see if it actually gets done. my intentions are good though!