31 March 2007

boogie woogie bugle boy of company b

i've got that song stuck in my head. it has nothing to do with today's post. but really...everyone should be singing along. all together now!

so. it's been a few days. and you know what that means! lots of pictures! woohoo! we love pictures!

i've been meaning to do a "observations of a three month old" list for quite some time now...but since that "quite some time" actually equals two weeks, it will now have to be entitled "observations of a three and a half month old". here we go!

1. really not interested in rolling over. but every once in a while, he does this:

which looks to me an awful lot like he's trying. so maybe someday soon he'll get the back to tummy roll over thing.

2. dark, wavy hair now covers the majority of his tiny head! he's got one little bald spot in the back where he likes to rub his head before he falls asleep. as cute as it is...i hope it grows in soon.

3. only gets up twice in the night to eat. i can't wait for the day when it's just once and then NOT AT ALL! oh happy day.

4. loves soft, snuggly toys. i bought him a little penguin the other day (pictures to come later) named "waddles" that he absolutely loves. it's pretty cute. most of the time, he just sucks on waddles' beak, but waddles doesn't seem to mind too much.

5. makes the funniest faces. i'm totally gonna do a scrapbook page called "the many faces of elijah". it'll be grand.

6. he loves to stand up! (still) and he's getting much better at it. most of the time, i'm not really helping him at all...he's doing it all on his own! we went to babies r us to get him the jumperoo featured in a previous post but alas...they were out...and will be out for another two weeks. i put our name on the waiting list but we're gonna check the babies r us in pleasanton on our way home from the airport today.

7. lovesLovesLOVES to be read to. he can only handle one book at a time...but he gets so enthralled with that one book...it's adorable! here we're reading one of my favorites, "wynken, blyken and nod".

8. he's finally on a schedule! here's what a typical day looks like:
7am-time to wake up!
9am to 10.30 (sometimes 11)-naptime
1pm-naptime again
4pm (or 5 depending)-final nap of the day
7.30pm-get ready for bed (bathtime and story)
8pm-time for bed!
it's so nice having him on a schedule because if he's being fussy, i can just look at the clock and go..."oh yeah...it's time for a nap" instead of just guessing at what was bothering him. so nice!

9. takes all his naps in his crib (most of the time. he's sleeping in his chair here because he was extra fussy and the vibrating seat helps him calm down.). hopefully in the next couple weeks he'll be sleeping in his crib at night too...i'm just waiting til he only gets up once to eat. that way i only have to make the trek once!

10. sitting up, propped up on his own. we did get him that little chair (again, featured in a previous post)...so he sits in that quite a bit. he really doesn't like sitting; he'd much rather be standing but since standing always involves someone holding him up...we're trying to utilize the chair more and more. it's amazing the things i can get done while he's in it!

(john calls this his mr. rogers outfit. i had to remind him that mr. rogers wore a cardigan sweater, not a sweater vest...but still i had to admit...he does kinda look like an old man.)

my mom leaves us today. i have totally and completely enjoyed having her here. i'm actually thinking of hiring her as a live-in nanny. :D seriously though...she's been the biggest help! there's no way we would have eaten so good these past two weeks had she not been here...plus...the whole extra pair of hands thing is really quite nice. i've been totally spoiled the entire time she's been here. i actually got two (and a half) scrapbook pages completed! seriously good for my soul. thank you mummy! when are you coming back?

also...on a completely silly note...i am completely excited about this: http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/harrypotterandtheorderofthephoenix.html

you know you are too. admit it! you love him! :D

til next time...

26 March 2007

missing john and daddy: day six

one more day til daddy comes home!
23 march 2007

(note: this is NOT a picture of elijah. just in case you couldn't tell. ha!)
elijah's little buddy noah came over in the morning for his six month pictures. he's a cute one! they didn't get to play together very much since elijah decided to sleep through most of the visit.
but when he woke up, there was a new squirmie wormie toy for him to chew on...err...i mean play with!

he loves his squirmie wormie! he tried to eat it most of the time...but i finally got a shot with him giving it a hug...aww...so cute.

he was just fascinated with his reflection today (for those unfamiliar with his swing, there's a mirror attached to the underside of the top-thingy)...he stared at himself, laughing and making faces for about twenty minutes! super cute...as usual.

went to prime shine to get the car washed...john loves a clean car. it was elijah's first trip through the car wash...

...and of course he slept through the whole thing. i was actually surprized the loudness didn't wake him up...but nope...he snored through the entire ride. probably a good thing since i've heard that babies don't particularily like automatic car washes.

aww...giving the wormie kisses!

he's started grabbing at toys dangling in front of him a while ago...but now he's actually grabbing them most of the time. way to go baby!

momma was pretty lazy with the camera today...
but that's ok...cuz daddy is coming home tomorrow!

(side note: john didn't technically make it home til very early sunday morning instead of saturday evening. he was supposed to land in oakland at 5pm but unfortunately, his original flight was cancelled so he had to sit in the denver airport for almost ten hours! poor john. thankfully there was march madness on the tvs in the bar...that kept him occupied...and he eventually made it home in one piece...very tired but no worse for the wear.)

missing john and daddy: day five

k...i know john is officially home...but i really wanted to finish what i started. so...here's the final two blogs for john...except now they're mostly for posterity's sake...and my soon-to-be-realized scrapbook pages.

22 march 2007
in numbers.

the number of times elijah spit up on himself: eight
the number of times those eight spit ups ended up on momma too: eight (lovely)

the number of outfits worn: five. seriously.
time spent naked: one hour

time spend on tummy: two twenty minute sessions.

minutes wasted waiting at walgreens for gramma's ridiculously expensive medications: 46.5
dollars spend on gramma's ridiculously expensive medications: $500 and change. ouch. but at least i got some chex mix and a back massage (they had one of those chair massagers in the waiting area) out of it...

number of candles on cousin jackie's birthday cake: fifteen

number of paper towels used to clean cake off cousin's face: three

some other random numbers from the day:

diapers changed: ten (eight cloth, two disposable)
naps taken: three and a half
minutes spent eating: forty-five...give or take

21 March 2007

missing john and daddy: day four

good morning sunshine!

walked to starbucks this morning with migie (sorry...no pics. i forgot the camera). good times.

hanging out in the swing leads to...

...falling asleep in the swing (btw...this is a total john face!)

lunch was at baja fresh. i had beans for the first time...we'll see how elijah does. keep your fingers crossed! (i'm in the reflection in the window...)

searching for the perfect vino at cost plus...

waiting for grams...she always takes too long! (love that the "boobie" (see previous post for details) toy is sitting on his shoulder...so cute!)

trying out the jumperoos at babies r us. wasn't too sure in the beginning...

...but started to warm up to it after a bit. not much jumping though...he still needs to get the hang of that. mostly just sucking on fingers...as usual.

isn't it perfect? i think we need to get it. not only is he super cute in it...but it'd be so handy! he could sit in it on the counter while i brush my teeth! whatd'ya think?

insert little story here. while we were at babies r us, i was holding elijah the entire time cuz he was completely tired of the carseat (can you blame him?). but when we were checking out...of course he had to go back into the seat. before i even had a chance to buckle him in...he was asleep! no paci...no fussing... just closed his eyes and that was that. so cute!

momma and baby getting some vitamin D...with a little drool on the side.

so big!

cool dude. (i'm finally in some pictures! woohoo!)

elijah wasn't too fond of being left out of the action...so he joined us for dinner. yum!

one more story before i sign off and head to bed. when we were pulling into the driveway after our shopping excursion...i noticed your red truck sitting in its usual spot. wanna know what my first thought was?
"oh yay! john's home!"
you have no idea the sadness that consumed me upon realizing that you really weren't home...that you're thousands of miles away...and that you won't be home for another three days.
pure, undiluted sadness.

missing you more than words can say...
love you.

(ps. don't forget it's your niece's birthday tomorrow. she'd prolly appreciate a phone call.)

missing john and daddy: day three

not a lot of pictures today...i got lazy...plus it was raining. don't know why but that seems like a good reason. as good as any anyways.

sweet baby sleep. elijah fell asleep next to me after his six am feeding. without his paci too!

grams lets him watch tv! so spoiled!

at the scrapbook store. doesn't he look thrilled? like father, like son i guess.

lunch at the bakery in mchenry village. yum! of course, elijah slept through the whole thing. (notice the new outfit? he had a bit of a blowout at the scrapbook store. something about sitting in the carseat and explosive poops.)

the new toy from grams. he loves that thing! i call it the "boobie ball" (not in public of course)...ha!

the rest of the day was uneventful i guess...although he did get a bath and cried through the entire thing. it was only after i got him in there that i realized he was probably hungry. poor baby.

missing you more and more with every passing moment...

19 March 2007

missing john and daddy: day two

a day in the life...in pictures.
19 march 2007

waking up a happy baby!

naked baby!

getting dressed...he looked so cute!


lots of sleeping in the car...(note: this is in melanie's car)

eating lunch at erik's deli in redwood city. notice how he's sleeping for grams? with not paci too! why doesn't he do that for me???

hanging with the hot chicks...minus heather (she was too busy playing soccer)

hanging out with grams on the grass.

hi dad! i miss you!

momma got lazy with the camera at this point. so no pictures of bath or dinnertime or storytime.

thus ends day two.
love you.
miss you.
aching without you here.
hurry home.