08 March 2007


john took elijah over to his parents house for a bit...the house seems strangely quiet without them here. it's kinda funny though...cuz the house is always quiet...well...at least when eli's sleeping. maybe it feels more empty than quiet. but quiet it is. kinda nice having a moment to myself...i don't have to have my ears slightly perked for little baby sounds coming from the nursery. i can relax. kinda nice. kinda makes my back hurt...this relaxing business. john got me two gift certificates for a local spa (heavenly spa...it's run by a christian guy that goes to church with us...i've sang on worship with him). anyways...john got me two gift certificates there (one for my birthday and one for christmas) but i have yet to use them. maybe i'll call and make an appointment tomorrow. a massage sounds nice.

(paso robles is where the red "end" is...)

we leave for paso robles tomorrow. a good friend of john's is getting married down there. i don't think we'd be going except for the fact that our good friends jake and wendy live there with their two adorable kids, hannah and austin. hannah is almost three and austin is only two days older than elijah! eli and austin get to meet for the first time...so cute! pictures definitely to come. i hope to take a lot of pictures while i'm there. i want to use them for some assignments that i'm working on. hopefully with such beautiful models i'll have no trouble coming up with creative ideas.

john and jake in the snow a couple winters ago.

wendy and hannah, december 2005

still can't find my wedding photos. i've looked everywhere. twice. grrr-o-la. i really hope i can find them. it would be such a hassle to have to reprint everything.

in other news...elijah has now grown into size two diapers. big stuff. actually, we're phasing out the disposables and are switching to cloth diapers. a little more inconvient but much more earth friendly. after seeing how many diapers just one baby goes through, i'm sure that just my family alone could fill an entire landfill ourselves by the time we're done having kids. and those things don't just go away either! they're around for a longlonglong time. so...i feel good about our decision to switch. plus john said he'd put in my laundry sink for me so i didn't have to soak the diapers in the bathroom sink (i know...eww.). woohoo! laundry sink for me! exciting stuff. kinda funny the things i get excited about now...lol.

look at me! i'm almost sitting up by myself! woo hoo!

another big thing in our family...it looks like john will be taking a position with century 21's lending department. it'll be a good move for him; more opportunities and all that, he's just not too thrilled about having higher ups to report to. he's been on his own thus far...it'll be a change for sure. one of the downsides is that the training is in new jersey...so he'll be gone for a week! it looks like my mom will be able to come down to keep me company and keep me sane...ha...but still...i wish he didn't have to go so far! too bad it's not in kansas city...haha.

anyways...that's what's new here. i'm off to go eat some chocolate cake and watch grey's. peace out. for now.

more pictures of the little one. isn't he the sweetest? taken this morning...love that daddy's face is just tucked up there in the background. my boys. precious.

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