26 March 2007

missing john and daddy: day six

one more day til daddy comes home!
23 march 2007

(note: this is NOT a picture of elijah. just in case you couldn't tell. ha!)
elijah's little buddy noah came over in the morning for his six month pictures. he's a cute one! they didn't get to play together very much since elijah decided to sleep through most of the visit.
but when he woke up, there was a new squirmie wormie toy for him to chew on...err...i mean play with!

he loves his squirmie wormie! he tried to eat it most of the time...but i finally got a shot with him giving it a hug...aww...so cute.

he was just fascinated with his reflection today (for those unfamiliar with his swing, there's a mirror attached to the underside of the top-thingy)...he stared at himself, laughing and making faces for about twenty minutes! super cute...as usual.

went to prime shine to get the car washed...john loves a clean car. it was elijah's first trip through the car wash...

...and of course he slept through the whole thing. i was actually surprized the loudness didn't wake him up...but nope...he snored through the entire ride. probably a good thing since i've heard that babies don't particularily like automatic car washes.

aww...giving the wormie kisses!

he's started grabbing at toys dangling in front of him a while ago...but now he's actually grabbing them most of the time. way to go baby!

momma was pretty lazy with the camera today...
but that's ok...cuz daddy is coming home tomorrow!

(side note: john didn't technically make it home til very early sunday morning instead of saturday evening. he was supposed to land in oakland at 5pm but unfortunately, his original flight was cancelled so he had to sit in the denver airport for almost ten hours! poor john. thankfully there was march madness on the tvs in the bar...that kept him occupied...and he eventually made it home in one piece...very tired but no worse for the wear.)

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