18 March 2007

11 things that are happening right now...this moment.

11 things that are happening this moment:
  • i am blogging. obvious i know...but worth mentioning
  • elijah is sound asleep. so sweet. just wanna kiss him. don't know how much longer he's gonna last though. he's been sleeping for a while.
  • laundry is tumbling around in the dryer. the clasps on elijah's overalls are so loud!
  • eating my newfound favorite yogurt (safeway organic brand banana vanilla flavored) and rice a roni for lunch. great combo eh?
yes i took a picture of my yogurt. i love it that much. seriously. the best yogurt i've ever had. totally worth the $1 per container. yesh. definitely.
  • missing john...but only just a little since he just left this morning. know i'll miss him more and more as each moment passes though...
  • so excited that my mom is going to be here in less than 24 hours! woohoo! i hope everyone gets as excited as i do about seeing their moms...cuz really...moms are great.
  • trying to figure out why my computer speakers don't work. totally annoying as i'm really craving some snow patrol right now.
  • pictures are uploading onto my computer. some fun shots from this weekend and the beginning of my "day in the life of eli and momma" pics for john. obviously i can't post today's til tomorrow since today is not yet fully lived! be on the lookout for those though. lots of pictures...lots of fun.
elijah and his little friend noah. taken at lyndi's baby shower this weekend. ha! aren't they the cutest? totally looks like their having a little baby conversation...oh the things they'd talk about if they could...
  • making a grocery/target list. trying to decide if i should go today or wait til my mom gets here and go tomorrow. decisions decisions.
  • browsing http://twopeasinabucket.kaboose.com/default.asp. best scrapping site ever. love all their way cool scrappy stuff.
  • still in my workout clothes from my walk this morning. kinda thinking i should change into something less...um...sweaty. yeah...think i'll do that before the babe awakes.

that's all for now. kinda like these lists. maybe more to come. yesh...i think definitely more to come. :D i'll leave you with another pic of the boy...taken this weekend. he's just chillin' in his stroller. love that he has his feet up on the cupholder-thingy (what is that thing called anyways?). too stinkin' cute. as usual.

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