19 March 2007

missing john and daddy: day one

to my love...a brief (or not so brief as the case may be) portrait of our day.
18 march 2007
baby woke momma up at the usual time...7ish. downstairs we went for some breakfast (after a diaper and clothes change of course) and some tummy time!

after some tummy time and a little play time with momma...it was time to go for a walk! baby got bundled cuz it was a bit chilly...

we walked to i roast for you where momma got a chai latte. only the dude made it so hot that momma couldn't drink it and ended up pouring most of it out. even the little bit that she left in the cup still spilled when she was pushing the stroller up the overpass (on the rocky bit). momma got kind of annoyed since she spent $3.40 and didn't even get to enjoy the latte. bummer.

the spill and it's carnage.

then it was nap time since baby didn't sleep on the walk. he didn't sleep much at naptime either...so momma decided it was time to go for a little car ride...

...to target to buy some diapers. cuz even though we're using cloth...we still don't have enough to go around.
baby finally fell asleep on the way home. and even stayed asleep when momma put him in the crib.

he woke up a happy baby! but unfortunately...that didn't last very long. for some reason...

...baby decided to have an hour long crying jag.

no reason. at least not one that was apparent to momma. very frustrating for both involved parties (i seriously thought the neighbors were going to hear him he was so loud for so long...)

he finally calmed down though...

and momma and baby cuddled on the bed for a bit and missed daddy the whole entire time.

and then came the blowout of all blowouts. while baby was eating...he was also pooping...all over momma.

the culprit...a loose diaper. a mistake that will not be made again!

see the mess on the sheets? he also got the boppy pillow and momma's pants. good times.

after momma spend some good quality time in the laundry room, the little one got a bath. then it was time to try napping again. baby wasn't so much into napping...so he hung out with aunt and uncle and cousins while they enjoyed some yummy pizza plus pizza! what a great way to end a sunday.

after the pizza was all gone, momma and baby played outside for a few minutes (sorry...no pictures...i left my camera inside and was too lazy to go get it) and then it was nite-nite time for baby. momma stayed up a bit after baby went to bed...watching tv...folding clothes...getting her mom's bed ready...etc. momma finally fell asleep around ten...thinking the bed had never been so big...or so lonely.

miss you...hurry home to us!

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