26 March 2007

missing john and daddy: day five

k...i know john is officially home...but i really wanted to finish what i started. so...here's the final two blogs for john...except now they're mostly for posterity's sake...and my soon-to-be-realized scrapbook pages.

22 march 2007
in numbers.

the number of times elijah spit up on himself: eight
the number of times those eight spit ups ended up on momma too: eight (lovely)

the number of outfits worn: five. seriously.
time spent naked: one hour

time spend on tummy: two twenty minute sessions.

minutes wasted waiting at walgreens for gramma's ridiculously expensive medications: 46.5
dollars spend on gramma's ridiculously expensive medications: $500 and change. ouch. but at least i got some chex mix and a back massage (they had one of those chair massagers in the waiting area) out of it...

number of candles on cousin jackie's birthday cake: fifteen

number of paper towels used to clean cake off cousin's face: three

some other random numbers from the day:

diapers changed: ten (eight cloth, two disposable)
naps taken: three and a half
minutes spent eating: forty-five...give or take

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