05 March 2007

i heart the internet.

i do. although sometimes i hate it...only because i can very easily waste hours and hours of time on it. take today for example. i should be working on a school assignment that is due in a few hours...but instead...i'm blogging. because it's so much more fun! i've become kind of addicted to blogs. not necessarily mine...or even people i personally know...but more like people i've never met before! i love reading about peoples lives...especially from their perspective...and especially when they're crafty, inspiring people. so i've been wasting a lot of time reading other people's blogs lately...and finding some way cool stuff...like this......my own library card! very cool. you can make your own at: http://www.blyberg.net/card-generator/
super fun! or how about this? it's from the starbucks website:
pretty darn cool. (note to reader: this is not my usual drink...this one just looked way cooler than my typical double tall decaf nonfat extra foam valencia latte. although i'm tempted to try this one. it sounds kinda good!) so yes...good times to be had on the internet. especially since i can share photos with you that i took just fifteen minutes ago! here's the cute one...doing what he does best...being cute! aww...

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