13 March 2007

it is official.

i have the ick. ok...i guess i need to be completely accurate and say that i HAD the ick. although to be completely honest, i'm still feeling the effects (or is it affects? i can never remember.) of my sickiness. i am just so thankful eli didn't get it...or hasn't anyways. i don't know what i'd do with a vomitting, diharia (yup...no idea how to spell that) laden boy. yuck! speaking of the boy...i think i hear him now...be back in a bit...

...ok. i'm back. daddy's finally home so he's entertaining the little guy for a few minutes.

so...back to my ick. i went outside today thinking a bit of fresh air might help clear the cobwebs from my head and help me feel better. however...there was no fresh air to be found. none at all. it was, my dear friends, 85 degrees without a hint of a breeze. so...after getting the mail and sweating the ENTIRE time...i decided to go back inside and wallow in my ick. so...here i am. wallowing. also procrastinating. you see...i have a midterm tomorrow. yup. good times. have i studied? barely. am i studying currently? nope. i'm blogging. yesssssssss.

anyways. i'm starting to feel guilty and just a bit under pressure to study. pictures and more updates to come. i've got to get back to my wallowing.

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