30 July 2009

the fourth.

i realize i'm a bit late in posting this...but at least it's getting done. we spent our fourth of july in alaska again this year. here's last year's post. not very exciting. i hope to do a bit better this year.

once again, we paid a visit to the parade in wasilla. hoping for an appearance by sarah palin but considering the fact she'd resigned only the day before, she was probably hiding out. after the parade, we packed up the car and made the trek into anchorage to my aunt stephanie and uncle dave's house. they had a wonderful spread laid out for us; we were joined by my cousin and her husband and my uncle's nephew and his wife. the evening was spend enjoying delicious food (courtesy of my uncle who is a fantastic cook), cold beverages and wonderful company. a beautiful way to cap our fourth. we didn't celebrate with any fireworks as first of all, they're illegal and second of all, there's almost 24 hours of day light on the fourth of july in anchorage, alaska. therefore, fireworks become a bit pointless. i'm glad of that because i tend to think fireworks are a bit pointless anyways...unless a professional is doing them (like at disneyland. those fireworks are awesome!). we headed for home around nine, thinking elijah would drop off to sleep in the car. he didn't. of course. at least he slept in the next day...

the dude. he was pouting. i don't remember why.

lil miss america...almost two months old!

parade watchers...check out e's face in this...love it.

taking his own pictures of the parade.

he loves firetrucks but not their horns or sirens. lucy likes them even less.

favorite picture of the day.

lucy and baba.

lucy and papa.

sibs. apparently something tickled elijah's funny bone. or maybe lucy was literally tickling him.

huge bubbles are a tradition at my aunt and uncle's house. i can remember making them when i was little.



yes, those are pink flamingos. my uncle has a thing for them. don't ask.

too bad the haze/smoke (from interior fires) obliterated the view of anchorage...regardless...it is breath-taking up there.

lucy gets passed around.


my dad and aunt stephanie under the stars and stripes.

sweet lucy girl.

dirty feet = a sign of a good day.

29 July 2009

a breath of fresh air.

every once in a while, for my sanity's sake, i have to get out of the central valley. that usually means heading up to john's uncle's cabin. there, i find mountain-fresh air, clouds, trees and cooler temperatures...four things i need to survive. we got the chance to spend saturday and sunday up there a few weeks ago...

i need this view. trees! i need the trees.

my sweet girl...

just a lil dirty...

showing dad his popsicle


hunky hubby.

we found a nest in a nearby tree...it was empty. good thing too since john accidentally knocked it out of the tree...

e learns how to ride his bike on dirt and hills.

and, of course, figures it out and takes off on his own.

oh what a big boy he is!

28 July 2009

little miss layla

another sweet little girl! this is layla; she's three months old and already a heartbreaker. she's kylie's cousin and just as sweet as can be! a few favorites...

27 July 2009

simple mom

i love simple mom. have you found it yet? oh man. it is so appropriate for me and my time of life right now. just today, i received one of the blog posts in my inbox. most of the time, i just skim over the title and save the major, in depth reading for later. but today, i read it right when i saw it. and it's funny because i had just been wondering how i could fit everything into my day: quality time with each of the kids (play/exercise time with lucy; play/learning time with e) and with the hubby, home management time (cleaning, cooking, laundry, gardening, etc), knitting time (for my wee business), photo editing time (for my other wee business) AND me time. whew. makes me weary just thinking about it. a few hours after wondering about this though, this came into my inbox:

Back to the Basics: Create A Weekly Routine

why didn't i think of this? it's so simple...yet so profound at the same time. a schedule. that's what i need. not a minute by minute, "cannot veer from this outline" kind of schedule, but a fluid, flowing list of what needs to be done and when is a good time to do it. i'm gonna try it. i'll let you know how it goes...

scenes from daily life

just like my "new favorite picture" posts, i think "scenes from daily life" is also destined to become a regular feature here.

i've got a few "scenes" to share...

my view while i eat breakfast.

lucy helps me make dinner.

a daily occurrence.

19 July 2009

heeeerrrrrrre's kylie!

remember kylie? wasn't she just weeks old? not any more! here she is at six months. what a cutie!

18 July 2009

can't believe...

...this little one is six months old already! here's peyton again! i love that i get to watch her grow up through my lens. we spent a very warm afternoon laughing and trying to get peyton to laugh too. i got a ton of super fun images...it was so hard to decide! enjoy...