27 July 2009

simple mom

i love simple mom. have you found it yet? oh man. it is so appropriate for me and my time of life right now. just today, i received one of the blog posts in my inbox. most of the time, i just skim over the title and save the major, in depth reading for later. but today, i read it right when i saw it. and it's funny because i had just been wondering how i could fit everything into my day: quality time with each of the kids (play/exercise time with lucy; play/learning time with e) and with the hubby, home management time (cleaning, cooking, laundry, gardening, etc), knitting time (for my wee business), photo editing time (for my other wee business) AND me time. whew. makes me weary just thinking about it. a few hours after wondering about this though, this came into my inbox:

Back to the Basics: Create A Weekly Routine

why didn't i think of this? it's so simple...yet so profound at the same time. a schedule. that's what i need. not a minute by minute, "cannot veer from this outline" kind of schedule, but a fluid, flowing list of what needs to be done and when is a good time to do it. i'm gonna try it. i'll let you know how it goes...

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