26 June 2014

the problem with Alaska pictures...

the problem with Alaska pictures is that they never, never do the reality justice.
we took a short break from packing for a few hours to hike in Hatcher Pass with friends a couple days ago.
it was cold. colder than anticipated.
cold yet stunningly beautiful.
as we hiked through the clouds, I marveled that this magnificence in what is essentially our backyard.
but when I came home and took an initial peek at my photos, I was disappointed.
reality was so much better.
despite my disappointment, I will share anyway.

a day in the life - part 3

all of june, I've wondered when I should do another day in the life project.
I initially picked a date but that day slid by and I completely forgot to pick up my camera.
I set another date.
again, I forgot to pick up my camera.
now, as I stare down the end of the month and the beginning of the great-Anaya-adventure, I have no desire to post numerous captures of mounting battles between my to-pack vs to-stay piles. or to play the low-budget food photographer again.
so. as my mind is elsewhere (trip details, rail connections and hotel names), I decided to post a few photos from the entire month of June.
snippets of our life that I probably wouldn't get another chance to share.

I give you: Anaya family life - summer in Alaska edition (in date order)

a quiet evening by the fire

checking out their creek finds

my cuties goofing off before getting back into the car for a long drive home from anchorage

seven months

toes. and sophie the giraffe.

eye colour? we're still not sure...


believe it or not: Alaskan tomatoes



fresh mountain snow. yes, in june.

daddy's home!

so many snuggles

kept him occupied for a while anyway

weird to have someone share my bed again
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father's day walk


just dandy

backyard "camp out"

leaf marshmallows anyone?

mountain bunny

mountain lake

Alaskan view

 some iphone 4s snaps. mostly canon 5d mark II.

24 June 2014

to you. instead of goodbye.

the tears came. unbidden.
spilling from my eyes despite my furious blinking.
making pools in the cups of my sunglasses.
hand out the window, I waved.
formed an I-love-you with my fingers.
drove away, sobs stuck in my throat.

to an outsider, our parting wouldn't have looked out of the ordinary.
certainly not a goodbye warranting tears.
just one mom packing her littles into a mini-van in the driveway of another mom's home.
yet, it was so much more than that.
the end to six months of playdates, coffee dates. sanity savers. of long laughs and of silent, shared tears. of moments and memories that anchored my soul during lonesome and turbulent months.

our children forged friendships over creek mud and snails.
dress up and calico critters.
lunches of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cheezits.

we solidified our kindred spirits across the counter sharing too many cups of coffee, chatting about Harry Potter and the insecurities we worry about in our children while we watched samuel grow from an infant sleeping in the carseat to a baby crawling all over the living room floor.

my dearest friend:
I wish I could put into words what these past months have meant to me.
often there were days that I wanted to be no where else than on your comfy chair, coffee in hand.
a stable mooring in the rocking sea life had placed me.
yes, I am leaving.
leaving for a land I've long longed to travel.
a dream come true.
but there is a small part of me that wishes to stay.
you are the reason there are threads of hesitation pulling through my dream-come-true reality. (and that's not a bad thing!)

thank you.
thank you.
for things you didn't even know you gave.

you are a poem, my friend.

15 June 2014

father's day 2014

I've tried to find the words for this day.
words to describe the joy and fulfillment of watching my children wake up on a sunday morning to find their daddy is home...this time for good.
there really aren't any...no words that can fully capture the heart-bursting emotions of celebrating Father's Day with the man that has been gone for six long months.
I will let the pictures speak instead.

Samuel's dedication. Thank you Ashley and Sarah for your beautiful prayers.

first shoulder ride.