26 June 2014

a day in the life - part 3

all of june, I've wondered when I should do another day in the life project.
I initially picked a date but that day slid by and I completely forgot to pick up my camera.
I set another date.
again, I forgot to pick up my camera.
now, as I stare down the end of the month and the beginning of the great-Anaya-adventure, I have no desire to post numerous captures of mounting battles between my to-pack vs to-stay piles. or to play the low-budget food photographer again.
so. as my mind is elsewhere (trip details, rail connections and hotel names), I decided to post a few photos from the entire month of June.
snippets of our life that I probably wouldn't get another chance to share.

I give you: Anaya family life - summer in Alaska edition (in date order)

a quiet evening by the fire

checking out their creek finds

my cuties goofing off before getting back into the car for a long drive home from anchorage

seven months

toes. and sophie the giraffe.

eye colour? we're still not sure...


believe it or not: Alaskan tomatoes



fresh mountain snow. yes, in june.

daddy's home!

so many snuggles

kept him occupied for a while anyway

weird to have someone share my bed again
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father's day walk


just dandy

backyard "camp out"

leaf marshmallows anyone?

mountain bunny

mountain lake

Alaskan view

 some iphone 4s snaps. mostly canon 5d mark II.

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