01 June 2014

world travelers.

six tickets purchased.
it's happening.
it's really happening.
we're going.
going on a dream-come-true journey.

and I find myself conflicted.
part of me is going the cheerleader routine, complete with shouts and jumps and union jack flag waving.
the other part of me is reserved.
I'm not sure why.
maybe that part of me doesn't believe it's real...
that this is really real.

or maybe that's the scaredy cat part of me.
the part that would rather sit somewhere with a book and a cuppa and read about a family that traveled the world together.

it's easier, you know.
to sit. and watch life on parade.
easier to flick through someone else's instagram feed.
and dream.
it's harder to go. to actually go and do.
to experience.
it's even harder when you're doing that experiencing with four kids in tow.

but it's worth it.
it's oh-so worth it.

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