06 June 2014

the inevitable reality...

photo taken 5 November 2013
it's inevitable really.
truly unavoidable.
the midnight peeks parents take on their sleeping children.
at the risk of waking them.
at the risk of ruining a night's sleep for everyone.
we just can't help it.

as quiet as can be...
ninja-style (as my husband has dubbed it)...
we creep.
creep to the crib. the cot. the mattress on the floor. the bed.
fully asleep, they fail to notice us.
we take in deep, inhaling breaths.
trying to memorize their scent.
the smell of sleep. soap. sweet baby sweat.
of blankets. and milk. and dreams.

they sleep on.
and we wish for earlier days.
the just-new days.
the days when you couldn't close your eyes for fear of missing something.
drinking in the sight and the smell.
we marvel.
this gift from God.
tracing ear lobes, nose bridges.
inspecting every perfect eyelash.
we watch them sleep.
in gratitude.

they sigh.
we repeat the sigh, tinged with wonder.
and thankfulness.
astonishment at God's bounty.
and His beautiful gifts.

1 comment:

Laura Kostrikin Palm said...

i wholeheartedly echo every aspect of this post. SIGH. i'm amazed by how many new details i notice and uncover every time I stop and stare at my little ones. were those freckles there before? did i happen to notice that my daughter has these impossible eyelashes for days? His laughter, though coming from the same boy, now sounds deeper with hints of the man that will produce them in the future....