01 June 2014

happy birthday to you!

I've already posted my thoughts on my five-going-on-fifteen year old.
but I never got a chance to post pictures from her actual birthday and birthday party.
she chose to have a few friends over to help her celebrate her day.
we had a safari themed backyard bash - it was quite the fun event.
a few snaps:

happy birthday pancakes

someone wasn't thrilled it wasn't HER birthday

the birthday girl and her buddies

the "help the babies find their mamas" game I came up with...

"I found one!"

deep concentration

backyard play

more singing. this time over cupcakes.

finally excited about this birthday business. even if it's not hers.

the AH-mazing cake my friend made for us!

not excited. at all.

happy birthday singing once more. can't have it sung too many times!


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