09 September 2011

is this not the saddest face you've ever seen? poor boy had his first major spill on his bike last weekend...and yes, i had to take a picture. and yes, i had to post it on here. he will hate me someday for that...
we were all riding as a family, john pulling the girls in the trailer and me and e on our bikes, riding along behind. he swerved to miss a pole in the middle of the sidewalk without looking to see if there was anything next to him. unfortunately, there was. a semi truck. parked, thankfully. but still. he missed the truck but lost his balance and flew right over the handlebars. not fun. his first comment was wailed through the tears: "i want ducky!" (his little duck blanket that he sleeps with...) and then, after the tears had subsided a bit, "i don't like trucks, mommy." which is funny...because if you know him, you know that he really does like trucks. poor guy. a busted lip. a scraped up chin. scabby knees. man...that hurts. 

07 September 2011

so. funny story.

i asked for a grumpy face...and this is what she gave me!

this little girl cracks.me.up. on a daily basis.
example? why, certainly.

the other day, i asked her to pick up her shoes and put them away in the closet.
her response?
{imagine the following in a very serious, two year old tone:}
"not today, mommy. my only do dat on tuesdays."

for reals.
how do you NOT laugh?