22 June 2009

warning! photo overload...

a huge amount of photos for a huge occasion. luke and heather got married on the sixth of june and i just now finished editing the photos. whew! it was quite the undertaking...but i think they turned out rather well! a big thanks to erin tegeler (my uber talented sis in law)...she took a TON of really awesome shots...most of my favorites are hers! so...without further ado: luke and heather.

21 June 2009

for today.

Outside my window...there are several dozen tomatoes waiting to be harvested (and watered...)

I am thinking...about everything that i need to remember to pack for our trip to alaska...and feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I am thankful for...the fact that my little boy is finally starting to feel better...and that lucy is a happy, healthy baby. her six week checkup revealed that she's 11.9 pounds and 22 inches long (in the 75%!). now if her baby acne would just clear up, i could post some pictures...

From the kitchen...planning a light dinner of cottage cheese with yogurt and fruit (and maybe some cookies) since john won't be home until late.

I am wearing...khaki clam diggers with a mission: playground t-shirt and socks (yes, socks in june. i wanted to wear tennis shoes!)

I am creating...lots of knitted diaper covers (got an order for four more today!) and dreaming of the day i can scrapbook again.

I am going...to target later for some last minute travel necessities.

I am reading...the hobbit by j.r.r tolkien

I am hoping...and praying for easy travels tomorrow and that john comes home earlier than i think he will.

I am hearing...elijah count and recite the colors as he tries to fall asleep.

Around the house...there are various piles that need some attention: clothes that need to be washed and put away, toys that need to be sorted and put away, suitcases that need to be filled...

One of my favorite things...bedtime. ;o) seriously though...days like yesterday: no agenda, good food, laughter with family...

A few plans for the rest of the week...packing...and traveling to alaska!

A picture to share...my new favorite image from luke's wedding (the pictures are finally finished! hope to post some more soon...)

19 June 2009

more lucy kate

at theh doctor's office today (for sick e-man), one of the nurses asked me how many months she was. when i told her she was only five weeks, she was shocked. she said she'd never seen a five week old with such head control. i'm must say: i'm a little proud. ;o)

18 June 2009

a lack thereof...

i was informed yesterday (thank you cheri) that i've been a bit negligent with posting pictures of lucy here on my blog. and it's true. though i've kept my facebook page updated, my blog has been sorely lacking. so...in an attempt to remedy that...here they are. pictures of lucy taken a couple weeks ago (the beginning of june) with my new lens. i got an 85mm to add to my kit...i'm loving what i'm seeing from it so far! the real test will be next weekend (the 27th) at my friend anita's wedding. i have the priviledge of shooting her special day up in alaska! so excited to not only capture her day for her but to be back in my homeland. look for pictures in the coming weeks! but for now...i leave you with lucy.

17 June 2009

on two wheels...

as promised...pictures of elijah-man on two wheels. can't believe my crazy boy is riding without training wheels! now to conquer the potty...

it was a pretty fast process, getting him riding without training wheels. he'd been watching his fifteen year old cousin ride, pop wheelies and do bunny hops...and of course, he wanted to be able to ride like his cousin. so...john took the trainers off one saturday morning. elijah fell a few times, got frustrated and asked to have the wheels put back on. i figured that was the end of it for a few months. nope. that following monday (the first of june), he asked john to take them off again...and they haven't been on since. while he's certainly not popping wheelies yet (not for lack of trying...that little bike is HEAVY!), he is riding up and down the street at ridiculous speeds, vaulting himself off the curbs and clammering for a ramp. *sigh* my little dude...

16 June 2009

a portrait of ducky.

ducky holds a very special place in the anaya household. he is elijah's lovey...and oh my...he is loved! i was just playing around with my new lens the other day...trying to capture the relationship between these two...not sure if i succeeded...think i'm gonna keep working on it. these will have to do for now...