21 June 2009

for today.

Outside my window...there are several dozen tomatoes waiting to be harvested (and watered...)

I am thinking...about everything that i need to remember to pack for our trip to alaska...and feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I am thankful for...the fact that my little boy is finally starting to feel better...and that lucy is a happy, healthy baby. her six week checkup revealed that she's 11.9 pounds and 22 inches long (in the 75%!). now if her baby acne would just clear up, i could post some pictures...

From the kitchen...planning a light dinner of cottage cheese with yogurt and fruit (and maybe some cookies) since john won't be home until late.

I am wearing...khaki clam diggers with a mission: playground t-shirt and socks (yes, socks in june. i wanted to wear tennis shoes!)

I am creating...lots of knitted diaper covers (got an order for four more today!) and dreaming of the day i can scrapbook again.

I am going...to target later for some last minute travel necessities.

I am reading...the hobbit by j.r.r tolkien

I am hoping...and praying for easy travels tomorrow and that john comes home earlier than i think he will.

I am hearing...elijah count and recite the colors as he tries to fall asleep.

Around the house...there are various piles that need some attention: clothes that need to be washed and put away, toys that need to be sorted and put away, suitcases that need to be filled...

One of my favorite things...bedtime. ;o) seriously though...days like yesterday: no agenda, good food, laughter with family...

A few plans for the rest of the week...packing...and traveling to alaska!

A picture to share...my new favorite image from luke's wedding (the pictures are finally finished! hope to post some more soon...)

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Joani said...

Hmm...sounds an awful lot like my list today / tomorrow, too! And I only have one little critter to worry about traveling with! Good luck and see you in a few days!