28 January 2007

blog worthy buzz

my beautiful six week old baby boy! isn't he handsome?

wow...lots has been happening since i last posted a blog. sorta. my life has just settled into a fairly normal routine that could seem pretty boring to most people. my typical day starts at around 7am when eli wakes up for a feeding. he generally gets changed then too and since he's usually wide awake, he joins mom and dad in bed for a little skin to skin time and some bonding time with dad. john lets me sleep for a while longer til baby's hungry again...around 9am. momma's breakfast follows baby's second breakfast then i check my email and get a shower in...if baby falls asleep that is. after another feeding...i try to get a few things done around the house and then i take baby for a walk. he's usually hungry again after we get home...so he eats and then we both take a nap! he usually stays pretty awake after his 3-4ish feeding so we get some good tummy-time or play time then. once he falls asleep though...i get dinner going. after dinner, eli gets his bath and storytime...then it's bedtime for baby. if i have any kind of energy left...i allow myself some much needed ME time til he wakes up a few hours later...wanting to be fed again...then it's bedtime for me! that's my typical day...seems pretty ho-hum and boring to me...but i guess that's a good thing for now. i'm not sure how much excitement i could handle right now.

speaking of excitement...we finally moved into our new house in ripon. what a crazy mess! i do NOT recommend moving with a newborn...it is NO fun! i'm just now starting to finish up the unpacking...two weeks later! i still have my craft room to organize and set up...as well as the office...but since those rooms aren't as important as say the kitchen, i'm feeling pretty good about what i've gotten accomplished. it's kinda crazy being in this huge house...but it's nice too. well...it was nice til we got our energy bills the other day...yikes! i'm definitely more conscious of lights that are left on now...

in baby news...elijah has now graduated out of newborn size clothes (in most brands) and is now wearing 0-3 month clothes! he's also sleeping and eating much better than he was before...i'm only getting up two-three times a night now (most nights...he still has a few bad nights here and there...like last night). but i think the biggest developmental milestone occured today. i had to run to the mall with my niece to grab a birthday present for one of her friends. since elijah had just been fed and changed and was quickly on his way to sleep...i dropped him off at john's mom's house since i knew i wouldn't be gone for more than an hour or so. when i got home and picked him up he was still sleeping but he quickly woke up once i brought him home. when he finally finished with all his stretching and grunting (so cute!), i was given the greatest, gummiest smile in the world! my heart just melted! my baby boy knows his momma! what a special day...

even though i'm nearing the six week postpardum mark...i'm still not feeling 100% recovered. i never would have thought that it would take this long to recover from childbirth. conceptually i understand that i had a hard labor (40+ hours with 2 and a half hours of pushing, a 4th degree tear and torn stomach muscles) but i guess i just figured that i'd be all healed up by now. it actually kinda bugs me that i'm not back to where i was before eli was born cuz i want to start working out again...i want to be able to pick things up without feeling a painful twinge in my stomach muscles. i guess i'm just frustrated with my body...and i just want to speed things along! hopefully i'll start feeling normal soon...and then i can work on fitting into my clothes again!

more coming soon...this momma's headed to bed...sweet sleep...

18 January 2007

one month already?!?

my little man is growing up so fast! i can't believe how quickly this month has gone by...
things have settled into a groove now...he's sleeping and eating so much better...that makes me one happy mommy! he's also become a lot more active during the day when he's awake. he makes the funniest faces! john and i just laugh at him...he's so cute!

13 January 2007

joys and frustrations of motherhood.

this post is mostly just for my own memories...i want to remember how i'm feeling right now...in this crazy moment of being a mother for the first time. there are so many ups and downs in this hormonal ride...one minute my soul is content and my arms are filled to overflowing with this precious little man so fresh from God but then in the next minute, it's my eyes that are filled to overflowing and it's not with tears of happiness or joy but rather ultimate frustration.
i'm frustrated because i'm tired. what i wouldn't give to sleep more than three hours at a time.
i'm frustrated because i feel so alone. john just doesn't get it...plus he's been working on the house so much this week that i'm beginning to feel like a single parent.
i'm frustrated because my dining room table is overflowing with christmas decorations and it's nearly the middle of january. everytime i try to make a dent in the festive pile, something more pressing always pulls me away (usually a tired little man).
i'm frustrated because i can't get my son to sleep when i know he's so tired. but when john picks him up, he's out in less than five minutes.
i'm frustrated because my house is not only messy...but it's filthy too. it's nearly impossible to clean with one hand...and my little snuggler doesn't spend enough time sleeping by himself.
i'm frustrated that we're still struggling with feeding times...when will it get easier?!?
i'm joyful because i get to spend so much time with elijah. even when that time is at three o'clock in the morning...i get the priviledge of caring for this sweet boy...and i love it.
i'm joyful because since elijah is so dependent, i'm forced to slow down and relax. my body still isn't 100%...torn muscles take a long time to heal...and i know that if my little man didn't force me to cuddle with him...i'd be no where as healed as i am now.
i'm joyful that my precious son knows my voice...my face...and is comforted by them.
i'm joyful that God has entrusted such an amazing gift to me and john...
i'm joyful that elijah is getting the hang of sleeping at night...even if it is only in three-four hour stretches...that's better than one hour catnaps!
i'm joyful because my little boy is healthy and happy and growing shockingly fast.
i'm joyful because elijah really is a good eater (actually a little piglet if you ask me!) and that although we do struggle occasionally with feeding times, he and i are getting into a groove and i know that soon these hiccups will just be a distant memory.
teehee...what a cute picture eh? my handsome little man...
ok...i think i'm done with my compare and contrast essay.
have a good weekend everyone...

08 January 2007

here's a question for you...

...why do they put pockets on newborn pants? really? seems like a complete waste of fabric to me.

anyways...i just wanted to put some new pics up...so here they are!