18 January 2007

one month already?!?

my little man is growing up so fast! i can't believe how quickly this month has gone by...
things have settled into a groove now...he's sleeping and eating so much better...that makes me one happy mommy! he's also become a lot more active during the day when he's awake. he makes the funniest faces! john and i just laugh at him...he's so cute!

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ace said...

Happy one month! I didn't realize or remember that he was born on the 18th of December...that's my dad's birthday too...only a few plus some more months than one! In about one more week I will be catching up with YOU in PERSON at your AK baby shower at my house!! EXCITING!!! And I'll get to have some quality time with the new little man! Looking forward to it! See you guys SOON!!