27 February 2008

"this is just a bit of silliness really..."

so serious.

playing at the park.

sleepy boy stretching out in the car.

clap clap at abolita and papi juan's house

"...well, i should hope so." (from finding neverland. if you haven't seen the movie, take my advice: YOU MUST! it is a classic.)

just some moments captured over the last few days. the weather has been surprisingly spring-like. i don't know why it surprises me, but every year when february rolls around and the mercury begins its trek up into the high 60s/low 70s, i wonder what is wrong with the world and where on earth did winter go. some of you might be thinking, "what is wrong with this girl? who complains about 70*?". please understand...i'm not complaining about the nice days we've been having. if they could stay that way, with a few rainy days thrown in there every once in a while, i'd be a happy central californian resident. however. when february rolls around, and springtime temperatures abound, i cannot help but be reminded about the summertime temperatures and how utterly unbearable they can be. call me a pessimist, an eyore (how do you spell his name?), a puddleglum (read chronicles of narnia if you don't know what i'm talking about) and i won't deny it. about this, certainly, i am all of those things. but...it doesn't stop me from enjoying the season of spring. it's actually one of the prettiest times of the year here. especially right after a rain, when the sky and air have been washed clean, when the blossoms are in the middle of their yearly show, when there's still a crisp, cool breeze bustling about...springtime in the central valley can truly be called glorious.

and we have been enjoying it. daily walks to the park. sidewalk chalk murals. dirty hands, face, everything. just sitting, outside, breathing in the sunshiney goodness. it is theraputic to the soul. and how i wish it could stay that way. i wish i didn't get tired of endless sunny days. day in, day out, nothing but sun, sun, sun. it wears on me after a while. but alas. i have found myself in a land where summertime is a farmers paradise, where anything and everything grows, where the sun shines every day during the months between april and october. i'm clinging to these last days where there are still clouds in the sky and the possibility of rain is still tangible. i'm holding on with all my might, embracing the comfortable weather, and all the while, looking forward to october.

26 February 2008

valentine's day. a report.

k so...i just realized i never blogged about valentines day! oops. so...here goes.

first of all, i made cinnamon rolls. from scratch. i've never done that before. and while it was a little involved...it really wasn't that much of a big deal. i'll probably make them again someday. i ended up giving most of them away since i didn't want all that sugary fat ending up on my waistline.

also in the goodies department, jackie and i made sugar cookies! we cut them into hearts and stars and frosted them in this fabulous pink frosting. the color was exactly the same color as the making memories paint i had just bought. the paint is called lipstick and it seriously was the color of lipstick! the cookies looked awesome...and tasted pretty darn good too. again, thinking of my waistline, i gave most of them away.

i also made these super fun mailboxes for our valentines! i made one for each of us...don't know what i'm going to do if/when we have other kids...hopefully i can find them again. (i found them at target in the $dollar$ bin. my favorite part of the store! i just got e all his easter basket goodies from there yesterday and spent under $10...so sweet. i got him stuff like egg shaped sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a stuffed bunny...you know...the usual. but no candy. uh uh. anyways...i'm sure i'll blog more about it later. like maybe when it's actually easter?) anyways...it was a fun project for me. i think i'm going to leave them out all year long and fill them with surprises every once in a while. the question is though...will i fill my own? :D

the last thing i made was valentine's FROM e TO all his grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. i just let him scribble on a piece of paper with a red crayon and then cut heart shapes out of the colored-on paper. once i glued them to doiles, they were pretty cute. hopefully next year he can be a bit more involved in the process.

25 February 2008

february: day twenty-five

shopping at trader joe's. the best grocery store. ever.

february: day twenty-four

not a very auspicious start to the day...

february: day twenty-three

small-town parade watchers.

february: day twenty-two

family breakfast.

february: day twenty-one

worship practice for sunday morning.

february: day twenty

granted...this looks just like a picture of the moon. and while that is true...what the picture doesn't show, is the fact that this is a picture of the lunar eclipse. did i mention my tripod is broken? well, it is. and that is one of the main reasons this picture didn't turn out like i wanted it to...

february: day nineteen

wearing dad's sweat shirt...not too thrilled about it either.

20 February 2008

on gardens and their required footwear.

while my boys sleep (john because he's sick, elijah because it's naptime), i thought i'd update you on my latest project: my garden! i am still in shock that i even have a garden...but everytime i look out the window, there it is! what started as casual talk between john and me about the prices of organic produce turned into a "why don't we grow our own?" conversation...and here we are, with a backyard full of fledgling vegetables. last saturday, we (well, mostly i) planted the first phase of the garden. we have a plethora to choose from; we have califlower, broccoli, swiss chard, two kinds of onions, two kinds of cabbage, brussel sprouts, spinach, zucchini, yellow squash, sweet peas, red lettuce and two kinds of potatoes. i'm planning to add cucumber, more lettuce, carrots, tomatoes (roma and cherry) as well as an herb garden this weekend. whew! i've certainly got my work cut out for me. but i'm so excited about it too. seriously, a few years ago, i never would have dreamed this for myself but here i am, and it is good. there's a certain satisfaction that comes along with growing your own food. yes, it is a lot of hard work, but it's well worth it. to me, anyways. plus...i'm going to have a ton leftover so if you live in the area and want some fresh, organic produce, hit me up! i don't want it to rot...

this is very different for me, though, considering where i grew up. everything about it (except the main concept) is different. first of all, planting in february is unheard of in alaska. you might start some seedings in the living room next to the fireplace but considering the fact that there's still snow on the ground along with freezing temperatures, keeps any and all planting inside until at the earliest, may. i remember memorial day weekend always being "planting weekend", when my mom would finally plant all her flowers outside. that's the last weekend in may! so this is weird for that fact alone. also...any gardening we did was done in "bought" dirt. as in, dirt you bought at the garden center of home depot or the local nursery. this garden that i just planted was planted in soil we turned over with a shovel. free dirt. very cool. a silly little thing, but still, very cool.

i will be sure to post updates and pictures of my splendid little garden regularly. we should be expecting first harvest in a couple months (according to my gardening guru, john's mom, who has a certified green thumb. seriously.) for now, i'm off to search the internet for the world's greatest pair of gardening shoes. that's a lie actually...i already have them picked out...i just have to figure out where they're cheapest. i was planning to wear my green crocs because i was hoping that having "green toes" would make up for my pathetic green thumb (it's not that i have a black thumb...i'm just not very experienced at this gardening thing). but seeing as i'm not super fond of having shoes full of dirt (due to the holes in the toes of the crocs), i found this lovely pair of keens that will work wonderfully. now i've just got find them cheap!

19 February 2008

february: day eighteen

love this.
he always crosses his feet while he's eating.

february: day seventeen

orange season is almost over.
enjoying its juicy bounty while we can.

february: day sixteen

who plants a garden in february?
well...i guess i do.
welcome to californian gardening.
(more on this later)

february: day fifteen

my least favorite thing: a sink full of dishes.
at least they're clean.
that's a good thing i suppose.

february: day fourteen

happy love day.

february: day thirteen

valentine's day goodness in progress.

february: day twelve

today we discovered sidewalk chalk.
the best $1 i've ever spent.

february: day eleven

little man helping his grandpa dig mama's new garden.

16 February 2008

a letter to my little man.

oh my little man...
i cannot wait until you can talk with me.
we spend our days and hours together...
communicating the best we can.
we get by.
and every day it gets easier as you learn new words and figure out this talking business.

yes...you can tell me a few things...
and i love it when you do.
you tell me when you're cold...
or when you want a snack...
or what you think about diaper changes (which isn't much)...
but beyond the few words you can say...
and the emotions you can express through your vocal chords (usually in the form of tears)...
well...that's about it.

of course...you do have conversations with me...
and i love to see your facial expressions
and hear you describe the world around you in your own little elijah-man language.
you tell me, with such animation, all about your truck or the airplane ("ai-pain") in the sky or about how you put ducky in the dryer all by yourself...
it is seriously the cutest thing i have ever seen.
and my little love...i try so hard to understand your sweet babble.
i just can't wait until that babble turns into words and i can hear... in your own words and pronunciations...
your thoughts and experiences...
your questions and feelings...
your likes and dislikes...

that will be a good day.

oh...i know it won't happen overnight.
but i know someday soon...
i'm going to have a little boy walk up to me and say:
"hey mama...watch this!"
and you know what?
that little boy will be you.
and i'll be so proud of you...

just like i am now...
my sweet boy.
i love you.

11 February 2008

february: day ten

at the library.
that little boy certainly knows how to go.
thinking about trying "story time". the library has a toddler time on wednesdays.
but after today...hmmm...i'm not so sure he can handle it yet.

february: day nine

here knitty knitty knitty.

february: day eight

note the "vicks" ad in the magazine. that is not a coincidence.
i was dreaming of adding a dollop of it to my oatmeal.

february: day seven

new bed in a bag. brightens up the room. makes me smile.

february: day six

sickness reigns. prolific use of the bulb-sucker-thing-y.

february: day five

doing laundry. with a little help.
love the faces he comes up with...

10 February 2008

this is a long one...but oh so worth it!

go grab a snack and a cup of tea, kick back and relax...hawaii pictures are here!

08 February 2008

phooey on head colds.


sickness reigns in the anaya household.
the little man came down with a head cold on tuesday and then oh-s0-graciously shared it with me.
john still remains healthy...which is good, i suppose...but it also drives me crazy.

gonna try and get some fun crafty stuff done this weekend...
valentines day is coming, you know.

until then...i'm off to go suck down some more chicken broth while curled up under the covers.

04 February 2008

february: day four

me and e. walking back from the mailbox.
love the matching shoes.

february: day three

me to john right before i took this picture:
"babe, it's like hawaii...only forty degrees colder."
it was a blustery, blustery day.

february: day two

getting the mail.
it's the little things in life.

to whet your appetite.

when i look back at my pictures from hawaii (which are still not completely done yet. grrr)...i look at the faces...not necessarily the scenery. i remember the moments, the memories...not necessarily the temperature or the food we ate. i remember elijah standing in the middle of the living room of the condo just making all of us laugh with his hilarious fake laughter. and watching my brothers play with my baby boy. and elijah crying while i washed his feet in the ocean. and hearing the wind and rain literally pound the condo while my most precious boys slept through it all. and oh so many other little things...
it doesn't matter where we go, or where we stay, or the things we do while we're there...as long as we're together...that's all that matters.

elijah wasn't so much a fan of the ocean...but he didn't mind the sand too much.

shave ice. yum. slurp.

he's sitting on a hawaiian "canoe" boat thingy. i forget what they're called.

erin. sand. water. footprints.

i love photos like this. even though it's not technically perfect...i still adore it. e and his gramps.

how can you not love this face?

peter. again, not technically perfect (i had professors that would cringe at the sight of this photo), but i still love it.

the personification of cool.

luke. with a beard. in hawaii. yup.

my boys.

dad and john and e...and the big, blue drink.

still more to come. plus...my photo-a-day post is coming. i just haven't taken today's picture yet.

03 February 2008

my bad.

i know.
i'm terrible.

i promised another post yesterday and i didn't deliver. poo on me.
i'm just not a big fan of uploading pictures every day...
so i've come up with a better conclusion.
i will post my one-picture-a-day goodness every monday.
i'll still continue to shoot the pictures on the specified day...
but i'll post them here in a group on mondays.
sound good?
so tomorrow (probably in the evening) you can count on saturday, sunday and monday's shots.

now...i'm off to edit more hawaii pictures because they're finally on my computer.
maybe i'll post some of my favorites tonight...

02 February 2008

lil bits.

playing around on the "big" bed...

my boys.

still no hawaii pictures. they're still on john's computer. though the next thing on my list is to go burn them on a cd and start editing them. so they're coming. i promise. in lieu of the aforementioned vacation pictures, i thought i'd post some random bits that slipped through the cracks of my vacation preparation madness. these were taken just a few days before we left for the islands. the following two pictures i took while e and i were getting ready for our daily walk. i found a ladybug on the driveway and had to share it with e. his first ladybug! such a silly thing to get excited about. but anyways...i let him play with for a little bit after i explained what it was. he ended up killing it...which is a very sad ending to this story...but there it is.

pictures are currently burning themselves onto a cd...so maybe i'll actually get some edited and on here by tonight. be looking for that...as well as day number two of my project.