02 February 2008

lil bits.

playing around on the "big" bed...

my boys.

still no hawaii pictures. they're still on john's computer. though the next thing on my list is to go burn them on a cd and start editing them. so they're coming. i promise. in lieu of the aforementioned vacation pictures, i thought i'd post some random bits that slipped through the cracks of my vacation preparation madness. these were taken just a few days before we left for the islands. the following two pictures i took while e and i were getting ready for our daily walk. i found a ladybug on the driveway and had to share it with e. his first ladybug! such a silly thing to get excited about. but anyways...i let him play with for a little bit after i explained what it was. he ended up killing it...which is a very sad ending to this story...but there it is.

pictures are currently burning themselves onto a cd...so maybe i'll actually get some edited and on here by tonight. be looking for that...as well as day number two of my project.

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