27 February 2008

"this is just a bit of silliness really..."

so serious.

playing at the park.

sleepy boy stretching out in the car.

clap clap at abolita and papi juan's house

"...well, i should hope so." (from finding neverland. if you haven't seen the movie, take my advice: YOU MUST! it is a classic.)

just some moments captured over the last few days. the weather has been surprisingly spring-like. i don't know why it surprises me, but every year when february rolls around and the mercury begins its trek up into the high 60s/low 70s, i wonder what is wrong with the world and where on earth did winter go. some of you might be thinking, "what is wrong with this girl? who complains about 70*?". please understand...i'm not complaining about the nice days we've been having. if they could stay that way, with a few rainy days thrown in there every once in a while, i'd be a happy central californian resident. however. when february rolls around, and springtime temperatures abound, i cannot help but be reminded about the summertime temperatures and how utterly unbearable they can be. call me a pessimist, an eyore (how do you spell his name?), a puddleglum (read chronicles of narnia if you don't know what i'm talking about) and i won't deny it. about this, certainly, i am all of those things. but...it doesn't stop me from enjoying the season of spring. it's actually one of the prettiest times of the year here. especially right after a rain, when the sky and air have been washed clean, when the blossoms are in the middle of their yearly show, when there's still a crisp, cool breeze bustling about...springtime in the central valley can truly be called glorious.

and we have been enjoying it. daily walks to the park. sidewalk chalk murals. dirty hands, face, everything. just sitting, outside, breathing in the sunshiney goodness. it is theraputic to the soul. and how i wish it could stay that way. i wish i didn't get tired of endless sunny days. day in, day out, nothing but sun, sun, sun. it wears on me after a while. but alas. i have found myself in a land where summertime is a farmers paradise, where anything and everything grows, where the sun shines every day during the months between april and october. i'm clinging to these last days where there are still clouds in the sky and the possibility of rain is still tangible. i'm holding on with all my might, embracing the comfortable weather, and all the while, looking forward to october.

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