04 February 2008

to whet your appetite.

when i look back at my pictures from hawaii (which are still not completely done yet. grrr)...i look at the faces...not necessarily the scenery. i remember the moments, the memories...not necessarily the temperature or the food we ate. i remember elijah standing in the middle of the living room of the condo just making all of us laugh with his hilarious fake laughter. and watching my brothers play with my baby boy. and elijah crying while i washed his feet in the ocean. and hearing the wind and rain literally pound the condo while my most precious boys slept through it all. and oh so many other little things...
it doesn't matter where we go, or where we stay, or the things we do while we're there...as long as we're together...that's all that matters.

elijah wasn't so much a fan of the ocean...but he didn't mind the sand too much.

shave ice. yum. slurp.

he's sitting on a hawaiian "canoe" boat thingy. i forget what they're called.

erin. sand. water. footprints.

i love photos like this. even though it's not technically perfect...i still adore it. e and his gramps.

how can you not love this face?

peter. again, not technically perfect (i had professors that would cringe at the sight of this photo), but i still love it.

the personification of cool.

luke. with a beard. in hawaii. yup.

my boys.

dad and john and e...and the big, blue drink.

still more to come. plus...my photo-a-day post is coming. i just haven't taken today's picture yet.

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Jeff and Sarah Bianchi said...

I remember when our families went there together! Do you? Would LOVE to have you for a Boston visit. It's not too far from Philly! Love, Sarah