01 February 2008

beginnings. day one.

note: for some reason, my spell checker isn't working and i KNOW i spelled some words very wrong. my apologies.

two blogs in one day. that doesn't happen very often. but...i have good reason (and no, that reason isn't because elijah is napping). the reason is because today is the first of february! what kind of reason is that, you ask? it is a perfectly good reason...it's actually almost a reason within a reason. or two. that makes no sense. anyways. i promised to share my new calendar page on the first of the month...so here is february's page!

this one was so fun for me...only because i NEVER get to scrap with pink. and for that reason, i've been stashing all my pink paper and perephinelia away for such a time as this. too much fun. i actually spent way more time on this layout than i normally would...simply because i was having so much fun. the lines between the squares are actually stitched by hand, which took most of the time because i am a very slow at handwork (as martha calls it!). the fun felt pieces came in a kit i got a while back and i've been saving them for such a time as this...don't they just make the page! love the finished look they give the page. anyways. i'm blabbling...sorry. if you want to know more or what brands of paper i used or any of that...please feel free to ask.

my second reason for posting again is to share my new february project. i've been inspired by so many people who are doing a picture-a-day photo type projects. some of my favorites can be found here and here and here. some are doing year long projects and some just one month...which is what i decided to do. i usually lose steam with really long-term projects but if the first of march comes along and i'm on a roll...i might just keep going. we'll see. anyways. here's today's photo.

it's the pile of books on my nightstand. i should note that this is only one of the piles that graces various furniture in my bedroom...but this one is my favorite. the top contains the books i'm currently reading (or will start soon. which reminds me...i need to renew a couple...)...then the rest of the pile consists of my favorite crafty books/mags that i refer to on a regular basis. the bottom half of the pile is in constant flux...i'm always (usually) adding to the pile and sometimes taking them back to the bookshelf in my "mess" room. i love the possibilities of this pile. it makes me happy.

more tomorrow.

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