02 June 2009

big news about elijah man

i can't do a post about lucy and not do one about elijah. at least not today. such exciting things have been happening in the life of the e-miester! so i guess it's time for an update of sorts. here's what's been going on with my two and a half year old...

he is riding his big boy bike WITHOUT training wheels. seriously.
(i don't have any really good pictures of it yet...working on that)

he can write the letter "E"! big stuff! it usually has more horizontal lines than necessary but still...an "E" nonetheless.

he's so close to being potty trained...so close! before this summer is out, he'll be doing it by himself.

he is so super sweet with lucy. any time she's fussy or crying, his little voice can be heard over the din, "it's ok, 'ucy!" (he doesn't pronounce the "L" in her name...so cute.)

he's such a big helper, too. it kinda stems from the same "i do it!" vein that most of his toddler angst comes from (see previous post) but if i can make it sound like he's really doing me a huge favor, he's all over it, as quick as he can. very cool.

just like his sister, he's growing and changing every day. he's such a little dude now...but still (and always!) mama's little boy...

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