14 March 2007

of the dangers of sharp fingernails and other lessons learned.

it is so fasinating to watch elijah learn about the world. he sees something and reaches for it. he doesn't always succeed in grabbing it but he's getting better. it just amazes me to think of all the things he has to learn how to do...no wonder he sleeps so much! i totally take for granted the fact that i can see something i want or need and without even thinking about it, it's in my hands. for eli...it's so much harder! i can literally see the intense concentration on his face as he tries to put his hand to mine. amazing to watch. seriously.

can't believe he's been here for three months now. wasn't it just yesterday i was wondering when he'd finally get here already?!? and now he's been a beautiful part of my life for three whole months. crazy. where does the time go? next thing i know...he'll be skateboarding with his dad. which brings up the latest anaya news...john is learning how to fall...err...i mean skateboard! it's his latest thing. our neighbor built a ramp the other day so from five o'clock til the sun goes down, they're out there crashin' and bruisin'. pictures DEFINITELY to come. and for another fabulous segway...speaking of crashin' and bruisin'...a brief announcement. elijah has received his first official injury. friday morning i woke up to find a gynormous scratch on his cheek that he put there himself...of course. poor baby. (it looked so much worse in person. the picture does not do it justice. at all.)

i can just see this as a sign of things to come. eli's gonna come home, bused skateboard under his arm, proudly displaying his latest scar-worthy injury. am i ready for this? ha.

but anyways...back to development stuff. elijah's almost rolling over from his back to his tummy by himself now...almost being the operative word here. he's got the rolling part down...he just can't figure out how to tuck his arm. kinda hard to roll over with your arm perpendicular to your body!

here he is mid-roll. dad helped him that time.

i promised i'd upload some pictures from our weekend in paso robles. promise kept! unfortunately due to the sickiness of the trip, i didn't get as many as i'd hoped for...but oh well...c'est la vie. anyways...here's some from "the meeting of the boys".

i love elijah's expression in this one. he's like "what mamma? what? i'm not doing anything!" and poor austin...look at his face!

in case you didn't notice in a couple of the above pictures...yes...we are officially a cloth diaper family. don't they make his bum look huge? but oh so cute. good thing he doesn't care. so far the verdict is: not much more inconvient than disposables except the drying time (they take FOREVER to dry.) also...found some disgustingly amazing facts about disposables that made me so glad i switched!
  1. one baby creates two tons of waste in diapers alone by the time they're pottytrained (assuming they're pottytrained at about eighteen months). so...if we have five babies, that's ten tons of yuck!
  2. one diaper takes 500 years to decompose. hello bigger yuck-o-la factor.
  3. landfills are closing at the rate of one per day. so where are we gonna put all these tons of diapers...hmmm?
so yeah...definitely glad of my decision. now...if i could just get all my friends to switch too...

diaper bum!

although it's hard to tell from the expression on his face in this picture:

this is currently his favorite toy. it can also be seen (a better view) in the the birds eye picture above. it was a christmas gift from his auntie juana (or the kids...i can't really remember). he loves that silly little thing! i plays classical music and teaches numbers and colors. pretty neat little toy...and it's not even that annoying! (except when i wake up at two in the morning with "two little butterflys love to fly..." stuck in my head.) i think it's funny though cuz i always call him "squirmie wormie" and the toy is a caterpillar! two little wormies...ha! it's pretty fun to watch him grab onto the little "danglys" and hit the caterpillar's head with his hand. what a silly boy...i love it! his latest things is trying to put all the danglys in his mouth. they're a bit big sweetie... :D

well...it is currently 10.30pm. waayyyy past my bedtime. however. i will be uploading some more pics and fun stuff soon. i want to do another "developmental milestone" list like i did a month ago...this time for eli's third month. keep an eye out for that. and since john's gonna be gone for a week (and since that week is spring break...yessssss! no assignments!) i promised him a once a day "day-in-the-life-of-eli-and-momma" (and gramma too i guess since she'll be here) posting. should be fun. think i'll turn the weeks worth of blogs into a scrap page someday...and maybe i'll even post it on here. look out world. creative wheels a-spinnin'.

happy birthday to my love tomorrow! 29?!? woohoo!

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Nicole said...

So I know I'm totally late to the game here, but I was a cloth diaper baby too! They double great as cleaning rags when baby gets older and doesn't need them anymore! Ha!