21 March 2007

missing john and daddy: day four

good morning sunshine!

walked to starbucks this morning with migie (sorry...no pics. i forgot the camera). good times.

hanging out in the swing leads to...

...falling asleep in the swing (btw...this is a total john face!)

lunch was at baja fresh. i had beans for the first time...we'll see how elijah does. keep your fingers crossed! (i'm in the reflection in the window...)

searching for the perfect vino at cost plus...

waiting for grams...she always takes too long! (love that the "boobie" (see previous post for details) toy is sitting on his shoulder...so cute!)

trying out the jumperoos at babies r us. wasn't too sure in the beginning...

...but started to warm up to it after a bit. not much jumping though...he still needs to get the hang of that. mostly just sucking on fingers...as usual.

isn't it perfect? i think we need to get it. not only is he super cute in it...but it'd be so handy! he could sit in it on the counter while i brush my teeth! whatd'ya think?

insert little story here. while we were at babies r us, i was holding elijah the entire time cuz he was completely tired of the carseat (can you blame him?). but when we were checking out...of course he had to go back into the seat. before i even had a chance to buckle him in...he was asleep! no paci...no fussing... just closed his eyes and that was that. so cute!

momma and baby getting some vitamin D...with a little drool on the side.

so big!

cool dude. (i'm finally in some pictures! woohoo!)

elijah wasn't too fond of being left out of the action...so he joined us for dinner. yum!

one more story before i sign off and head to bed. when we were pulling into the driveway after our shopping excursion...i noticed your red truck sitting in its usual spot. wanna know what my first thought was?
"oh yay! john's home!"
you have no idea the sadness that consumed me upon realizing that you really weren't home...that you're thousands of miles away...and that you won't be home for another three days.
pure, undiluted sadness.

missing you more than words can say...
love you.

(ps. don't forget it's your niece's birthday tomorrow. she'd prolly appreciate a phone call.)

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