21 March 2007

missing john and daddy: day three

not a lot of pictures today...i got lazy...plus it was raining. don't know why but that seems like a good reason. as good as any anyways.

sweet baby sleep. elijah fell asleep next to me after his six am feeding. without his paci too!

grams lets him watch tv! so spoiled!

at the scrapbook store. doesn't he look thrilled? like father, like son i guess.

lunch at the bakery in mchenry village. yum! of course, elijah slept through the whole thing. (notice the new outfit? he had a bit of a blowout at the scrapbook store. something about sitting in the carseat and explosive poops.)

the new toy from grams. he loves that thing! i call it the "boobie ball" (not in public of course)...ha!

the rest of the day was uneventful i guess...although he did get a bath and cried through the entire thing. it was only after i got him in there that i realized he was probably hungry. poor baby.

missing you more and more with every passing moment...

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