03 March 2007

snow days

i'm sitting here listening to "the wreckers" sing about rain...and boy...do i wish it actually was raining. or snowing! wouldn't that be nice for a change? however...it's pretty much the opposite. sunny with a high of seventy degrees. in march? i know. where's winter gone? sadness. so i've uploaded some pictures of alaska to remind me what twenty degrees feels like. refreshing. crisp. wonderful. wish i was there. contentment is hard to find today...except when my baby boy is in my arms. smelling his little baby head and watching him smile always makes me forget. forget the weather...forget the exhaustion...forget the ever-increasing list of things i need to do. my little prince of forgetfulness...where would i be without him? utterly selfish and preoccupied with the silly things of life. it's amazing how quickly my priorities changed with his arrival. about face. 180 degrees. it's not about me. it's all about him. he is life. brand new. unscathed. a piece of heaven teaching me about grace and God's love on a huge scale. ultimately...i would do anything for him...just a sliver of how God sees my pathetic, broken efforts at life. can't forget to thank Him. and him. the little one has no idea how radically he has changed my life...maybe someday i'll have the words to tell him. not today. not now. hopefully someday. heaven? maybe.

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