08 November 2009

pumpkin head number two.

i knitted a lot of pumpkin hats this fall. a LOT. twelve, i think. however, all twelve were destined for other cute little heads...my poor children were pumpkin hat-less. anticipating some good photo opportunities at the pumpkin patch, i decided to remedy that situation. elijah's hat was knitted up in about an hour as i used the same pattern i'd used for all the other hats (i had it memorized). with some super bulky yarn, it knitted up FAST (you can see a picture of his in my "october festivities" post). lucy's hat took a bit longer since i used a lighter weight yarn and a different pattern (actually, the pattern i used for elijah's first pumpkin hat which is too stretched out for lucy's head). i found myself frantically knitting at 11pm the night before we were scheduled to go to the pumpkin patch. i finished it in time, thankfully, and i'm so glad i did. it is so cute on her! i wasn't really able to get any fantastic pictures of the two of them in their semi-matching hats...but i got a ton of super cute ones of lucy. i just plopped her down into a bin full of pumpkins and shot away. i was interrupted several times by onlookers announcing her extreme cuteness and also curious if i had knitted her hat myself. i wish i had brought some business cards along with me! anyways...without further ado: my little pumpkin head...

(this one ^^ is not so much cute as it is funny...and very appropriate...as she's putting anything and everything in her mouth right now. we took that pumpkin home with us...)

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Naomi said...

These are adorable, Katie: kids, hats, pictures...love them! I had to see Elijah's original hat, so I clicked on the link. Hilarious post...maybe you should have knit that hat to some audio-Harry Potter! (I also loved Kite Runner and was completely absorbed. Have you read his next book, A Thousand Splendid Suns?)