21 June 2007

"dude...you've got beets in your eyebrow."

words spoken literally minutes ago...to my son...the messy eater. he actually seems to like beets...especially when they're mixed with applesauce...then again...he likes pretty much anything when it's mixed with applesauce.

anyways. i promised pictures. and yet...i have none. actually...that's not true. i have some. but i didn't get as many resized as i wanted to today. and now...it's gonna havta wait til at least monday because tomorrow we leave for the BEACH! can i get a woot woot?!?!? super excited about that. crisp ocean breezes...75 degree days...ahh...it doesn't get much better than that.

but as i sit here typing...i realize how much i still have left to do before we go. so go i must. hopefully i'll have a full report WITH PICTURES for you on monday. or at least by tuesday. one can hope.

for now...i leave you with this:

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