05 October 2007


life is busy.
i just sat down and wrote out a list for the next three days of everything that needs to get done.
it's long.
too long.
and i know not nearly enough of it will get checked off...
that makes me feel overwhelmed.
superwoman i am not.

friday, 5 october 2007:
in no particular order
  1. wash and dry cloth diapers
  2. bleach inside of washing machine
  3. wash rest of laundry
  4. address pampered chef party invites
  5. buy stamps for said invites
  6. talk to juana about said party
  7. go watch jackie in the homecoming parade
  8. figure out something for dinner
  9. clean up craft/mess room
  10. make picture cds for sean, shannon and steph (weird that they all start with 's')
  11. think of something to do for john on saturday since it is our 5 year "we got together today" anniversary (cheesy, i know.)
  12. make anniversary card for ben and laura
  13. mail said anniversary card
saturday, 6 october 2007:
again, in no particular order

  1. clean house. especially kitchen floor
  2. make wedding card
  3. attend said wedding (reception only. elijah and i don't do catholic wedding ceremonies. especially when they're in spanish)
  4. bake bread for upcoming week (my new tradition...hope i can keep it going!)
  5. go to joann's and get material for elijah's halloween costume (which i'm going to keep a secret...but trust me...it's cute!)
  6. research organizational systems for craft/mess room and kitchen
  7. surprise john with whatever i decided to do for our 5 year "we got together today" anniversary
  8. mail pampered chef party invites
sunday, 7 october 2007 (happy anniversary ben and laura):
and once again, in no particular order
  1. church. obvious. i know.
  2. remember to take picture cd to church for sean
  3. finish cleaning house (since i know it won't get done on saturday)
  4. figure out what to get juana for her birthday
  5. research calendar kits for mom's christmas calendar
  6. work on pictures
that is a lot of stuff.
suppose i better get with it.
elijah's not going to nap forever...

hope you enjoyed the pictures yesterday...

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