17 June 2008

father's day 2008

father's day was pretty casual this year. we had planned to go camping but that didn't work out...so we just decided to lay low and hang out at home. we typically barbecue on the weekends--this weekend was no exception. the only difference was the menu. it's pretty easy to just run down to the mexican meat market and pick up some carne asada and chicken to throw on the grill. add some tortillas and refried beans and you've got our typical weekend fare. the ladies of the family (therefore, the ones who would be doing the cooking) decided we were tired of carne asada and chicken over and over again. so i sat down with my cookbooks and tried to find a yummy, quick to prepare alternative. nada. so...i do what i always do when i'm stumped for a good idea. i called my mom. and she suggested a great chicken recipe: tequila lime chicken. we paired it with pasta salad, potato salad, lots of yummy fruit and pina coladas and key lime pie (the easy cool whip kind) for dessert. yum! here's the recipe for the chicken...it was fantastic!

mix 1 cup chopped cilantro, 3/4 cup tequila, 1/2 cup lime juice (we used fresh), lots of minced garlic and salt to taste. (this is the marinade so the measurements don't have to be exact) pour over chicken (we used a whole chicken cut into pieces) and marinate for thirty minutes in the refrigerator. while grill is heating, separate chicken from skin, being careful not to tear. rub lime zest under skin. grill until cooked through.

it's really that easy and really that yummy! we're probably going to have it again this week...

after we all gorged ourselves, john and the kids played with water balloons. elijah and kendall played in the pond, with the mommies close by. i was able to finish two knitted baby hats as well. yay!

i made john a t-shirt that said "love you dada" and then had elijah put some hand prints on it. it probably won't last forever, but it turned out pretty cute. and every time elijah would see it, he run up to john and put his hands on the little hand prints that he made. so cute. elijah's shirt had "dad is my hero"...a fitting tribute.

it was great to just sit back and relax...to watch my two dudes playing and being silly boys together. love weekends like this one...


Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh what a fun day!

THE GTEAM said...

two cool dudes!

john--you're a rad dad--

we'll be in don pedro 8/1-3 if you want to stop by!