27 September 2009

riding around.

this little honda has been john's since he was four years old. his dad bought it for him when, after trying to complete a jump with his little battery powered three wheeler and failing miserably (complete with a scar on his chin to prove it), john insisted that he needed a faster motorized bike. apparently, his dad agreed and came home with this little fifty. it's solid as a tank, and weighs almost as much. it's much too heavy for elijah to ride by himself (thankfully) so john sits on the back to keep it balanced and to help if needed. this was the first time lucy got to ride on it though and while she wasn't squealing with delight, she wasn't shrieking with fear either. the jury's still out on her, i guess. i don't love that they do this, but elijah loves it and as long as they stay safe, i don't mind too much. john finally went out and bought elijah a motorcycle helmet this weekend, so that eases my mind a bit more.

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