08 October 2009

on my mind...

it has been quiet around here on the blog front. only because it has NOT been quiet around here in reality. this blog is first and foremost a place where i can jot down (type down?) my thoughts while i can so i can remember what life was like for me right now when "someday" comes. so...with that in mind...here's some things running through my brain at the moment. they are scattered, true to life.

1. florida. don't know if this trip is going to pan out or not. john was awarded this trip for his amazing work last year. he was one of the top twenty mortgage advisers in his company (which just happens to be the fourth largest mortgage company in the country). go him. we had originally planned to go, john, lucy and i, while elijah stayed home with john's parents. we decided to do this primarily because we would have had to pay for e's airline ticket (lucy flies free because she's under two). however, we just found out that john's mom can't get the time off from work. kind of frustrating because she's known about this for several MONTHS. (i'm trying so hard not be annoyed) after realizing that my mom couldn't feasibly come down to hang out with elijah, we considered taking him with us. which would be fine, except that it would cost around $1500. um...we just don't have that kind of money. so. current thinking? i get to stay home with the kids while john goes to florida and schmoozes his boss. *sigh*

2. lucy is crazy. she's hilarious. seriously hilarious. sitting up, giggling, rolling all over the house...i'm gonna have my hands full with this one. she's also in the midst of a growth spurt...waking up every three hours at night again. can't wait until she's back to sleeping six-seven hours at a time...

3. what's for dinner? the perpetual question.

4. knitting. i have four outstanding knitting orders that i really should be working on...can i get them done before this weekend?

5. looking for a milk delivery service and trying to think of a way to explain the necessity of it to my husband.

6. why do i always feel behind? failing? utterly under appreciated? i'm drowning in the daily, the mundane. this isn't what i signed up for, is it?

7. elijah. oh, how i love that boy...but how he irks me! so sweet one minute, hitting me and talking back the next (one reason i don't want to leave him with a sitter to go to florida). is this a delayed reaction to lucy's arrival? how can i nip this disrespect? what haven't i tried yet? how can i increase my patience stores with him?

8. halloween costumes.  elijah changes his mind every day. today he said he wants to be a dinosaur (complete with the roar). yesterday he wanted to be an owl. the day before? a crocodile. the day before that? woody from toy story (only because connor is going to be woody). he has a pirate costume that he refuses to wear...and i found an astronaut costume that would work. do i just buy it an hope for the best? and what about lucy? old navy has a cute skeleton bodysuit in her size. decisions. decisions.

9. come on, lucy! go back to sleep!

10. christmas is only twelve weeks away. what? ooph.

11. what to do with all the zucchini, yellow squash, apples and green beans i have in my fridge. time to start the dehydrator up again i suppose. and maybe make lots of zucchini bread?  i saw a recipe for zucchini cookies...i might have to try that.

12. i love simple mom. i just read an article on there entitled, "how to live dangerous in marriage". fantastic stuff. one of the points it brought up was about when one partner grows and changes without involving their spouse. i wonder if i've been doing that with john. i'm reading and growing passionate about "greening up" our lifestyle...moving away from him in that area. perhaps his reluctance to change is due to an feeling of intimidation? hmm...might be something we need to talk about...

13. (a baker's dozen) i know there are a zillion more things i could write about. but i should probably stop here. because there are a zillion more things i need to be doing right now...responsibility calls.


Naomi said...

Katie, just the fact that you typed/jotted this down shows what an amazing mom/wife/woman you are! What a sweet picture of your life.

And by way of commiseration, Theo slept 6 hours for the first time in a MONTH last night. It was beautiful. I think I might be human after all.

Joani said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! - Shred the zuchini and freeze it in 3 c portions to make chocolate zuchini bread through out the winter! That is what I do. My favorite recipe is the Chocolate Zuchini Cake III from allrecipes.com but I bake it in a bundt cake pan with chocolate chips rather than nuts. YUM!

Joani said...

Woops - I meant 'make chocolate zuchini cake' not 'make chocolate zuchini bread'