26 December 2009

baby jacob...finally!

i've been wanting to post these shots of baby jacob since i took them a month ago...but they were surprise christmas presents so i had to wait. finally, christmas is over so i can show off this precious little boy! we had lots of christmas fun with him, even though he was a thanksgiving baby. love that he just conked out for me...so sweet!

mom, shannon, wanted some pictures of her two boys in their christmas jammies for their christmas card...which i was more than happy to do. we got some really sweet ones:

but this is the one that cracks me up, simply because it shows the true story: poor jacob was getting bumped and jostled by his crazy brother. it totally looks like he's saying: "can't a guy get some peace and quiet around here?"!

and one last thing...elijah had to get in on the action with his buddy...note the jammies.

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