06 March 2010

my lovely husband, grocery shopper extraordinaire.

so. funny story. (i don't share enough of the funny bits of our life on here...)

since we were in alaska for three weeks (two of those weeks john was here by himself), the refrigerator got pretty empty, to say the least. john's not a big chef...at all...so he took most of his meals over at his parents house. he probably went without breakfast (so bad! shame on him!) and had lunch out with co-workers. but, being the lovely husband and father he is, on the day before our arrival, he did the unthinkable: he went to the grocery store. by himself. to buy food (and not just beverages). a momentous occasion. he was VERY proud of himself. so much so that he told me all about it during our last phone conversation before we boarded our first plane. funny guy. a couple good things came of his trip to the store. first of all, we were able to have a lovely breakfast on wednesday morning (our first morning home). secondly, he learned for himself how much food really costs and that i'm not inflating our grocery bill. a blessed thing (for me, anyways). but the funniest part of this story comes down to what he actually bought. here is the complete list:
  1. milk (mad props to him because he actually bought organic milk! hooray!)
  2. eggs (he did good here too and got the cage free kind i get...)
  3. bread (english muffins, sourdough and whole wheat. goodness!)
  4. cheese
  5. baby yogurt (for lucy)
  6. deli ham
  7. sausage
  8. bacon
  9. hash browns
  10. half n half
and that's it. well...he also bought some shaving cream and razors for himself...but i don't count those. when i asked him where the fruit and vegetables were, he kinda looked at me funny and said, "oh yeah. i knew i was forgetting something!" ha! so different from my trips to the store... since the majority of my purchases are from the produce section. we had a good chuckle over his typically male purchases.

i'm so thankful i have a husband that takes care of his wife and kids...even if he did forget the vegetables.


Mama Jan said...

Your blog totally brightens my day ~ I love reading your story and seeing your amazing pics. Wanted to let you know I nominated your for the Sunshine Award :)

ace said...

That's hillarious! Ben read with me and was totally on board with his purchases. :) Thanks for sharing!


Jen said...

hahaha while I was down for weeks with surgery...Kris managed the home, school, everything. Each trip he would get bread (wonder not honey wheat) cereal, milk and peanut butter :). I would ask for fruit and veggies but they didnt make the cut! The next trip he brought home apples, grapes, pineapple and oranges. We have better than great guys.