03 September 2010

lucy kate at 15 months...

lucy just had her fifteen month checkup on tuesday. here's a peek at my crazy girl...

  • 50% for height and weight but poor girl's got a big head (75%)
  • her most commonly used words: dada, yi-yah (elijah), wow-wow (doggy), hi, meeze (more, please), ball, sigh? (outside), shooshoos (shoes), ah (car), us (bus), ain (train), 'ome (home, usually said as a question)
  • has started doing animal sounds (dog, cat, elephant, lion, etc.) her lion roar is the cutest one, only because she whispers it...though her meow is a pretty close second on the cuteness scale!
  • still has her elbow dimples! but is slowly losing her chunk-o-la thunder thighs...
  • any red truck she sees is immediately recognized as daddy's...
  • she loves her doggy and her new baby...and won't sleep without them
  • still only has six teeth (!) though number seven just broke the skin a couple days ago...
  • loves playing outside, getting dirty and wet with the hose or the sprinklers
  •  she is the sweetest little cuddle bug but is definitely going through an independent stage right now.
  • she refuses to be fed by anyone but herself (though if i put her food on her spoon/fork and then set the utensil down, she'll eat it that way...which is usually WAY less messy). 
  • she's finally started to sit down and watch some of the movies that her brother indulges in...she REALLY likes the curious george theme song. her dance moves are quite hilarious!
  • it's quite obvious that she misses her brother when he's gone off to preschool. if we come home in between dropping him off and picking him up (sometimes we run errands during that time), she walks around to each room in the house, poking her head round the door, saying, "'yihyah?". so stinkin' cute.
  • she loves music and dancing...especially to "the laurie berkner band". thanks to our neighbor for letting us borrow that cd!
 we love our sweet little lucy girl!!

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