07 March 2011

the "to done" list...

so many evenings find me sighing, lamenting all that didn't get done that day. the list is forever endless; i find myself continually adding tasks to the list rather than checking any off. i look around me and cannot help but to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, under-qualified. most days, i head to bed thinking, "maybe tomorrow... maybe next week... maybe someday..."...a discouraging mindset at best. i was beginning to wonder if this was my destiny...was i to be forever shackled by an unending to do list? when i stumbled across a status update on facebook bemoaning the very same thing. a comment below it exhorted the writer of the update to make a "to done" list instead of the traditional "to do" list. and novel thought. a brilliant thought. a genius thought. so...here i am...at the end of a seemingly very unproductive day...and i am making a "to done" list.

1. i made and served three meals (plus two snacks). they weren't anything exciting but at least they were made and my family was fed.
2. i cleaned up said meals. dishes put into the dishwasher and the very same dishes taken out of the dishwasher. table wiped. highchair wiped. floor under highchair wiped. counters washed down. etc. etc. etc.
3. i actually cleaned the kitchen sink. this doesn't happen very often as i only seem to do it when the perfect storm occurs: the drying rack is mostly empty, the kids are playing happily and there's not a meal being prepared. like i said, it doesn't happen very often.
4. i changed at least five diapers, three of which were poopy (when they're cloth diapers, you always remember the number of poopies...the total number, not so much).
5. i nursed a little one at least four times...but maybe more than that, depending on when you consider the day actually starting...
6. i took a shower!!! this is phenomenal, seeing as it doesn't happen as often as it should...
7. i talked to my sweet mother on the phone...several times. ;o)
8. i read two chapters of my book (while nursing, of course)
9. i cleaned the upstairs toilet and sinks (floor, counters and tub to come tomorrow)
10. i read three bearenstain bear books (one twice), one curious george book, and several other miscellaneous stories
11. i drew a really awesome castle and some very cute birdies for a budding artist to color
12. i started the process of moving the playroom out of the playroom and into what was, up until now, the catch-all room, moving the guest room/office into the old playroom and moving naomi's things into the old guest room. i didn't get very far on that project but i really wasn't expecting to...

and finally, i'll make an even baker's dozen:

13. i doled out innumerable hugs and kisses, sung countless rounds of "baby beluga", "moon, moon, moon" (lu's favorite song), "twinkle, twinkle", "joy to the world" (e's favorite song...) and the "a b c's", nibbled on several tummies and soaked up an unending stream of smiles, gummy and tooth-filled.

i did a lot today. never mind that the laundry didn't get started, the beds didn't get made and there's still a sticky spot on the kitchen floor where elijah dropped a half eaten orange. there's always tomorrow...right?

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