23 June 2011

once again...it has been ages since i've been able to post a blog. the main reason lies in my computer's shoddy internet service for the past two months. i've been so frustrated with it that i simply haven't been on the computer. but also, life is busy...always busy. with three littles to entertain, there's hardly a stolen moment for myself.

the house is quiet right now. all three are napping...at the same time. a rare luxury. i should be cleaning the bathrooms but i really don't want to disturb the peace. the toilets can wait.

for once, i'm actually caught up on my personal pictures...mainly because i've been taking a break from "professional" shoots. i have two coming up this weekend though...hopefully i'll get those done and up here before i take off on my yearly alaskan sabbatical.

so...for now, i leave you with an image that captures how the majority of my days are spent...in the sun, with my littles, trying to soak up every moment...

post sprinkler run through...june 2011

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