25 October 2011

but, it's jars of clay!

so. i wasn't supposed to take the pictures. not only were there signs posted outside the theater but the super nice lady (was she the director?) that introduced the band made it perfectly clear that photography of any kind was not to be tolerated. the obedient good girl in me pretty much curled up into a little ball and wept at that news. no pictures? seriously? but, but, but it's JARS OF CLAY! how can i not take pictures?

being a fairly stringent rule abider (apparently that's not a word...but you know what i mean) for the majority of my life, i sat through the first half of the concert with my camera faithfully tucked away in my bag. however, after several moving songs (and when i say moving, i mean there were tears flowing off the end of my nose...), i turned to my husband and said, "i can't walk out of here without taking at least one picture. or ten. cover for me." so, i did it. i broke the rules. and i still kinda feel bad about it. i mean, they did ask me not to. but...i'm not planning to sell them, post them on facebook or do anything illegal with them. i'm just going to keep them, here, on my hard drive. as a souvenir, a token to remember an amazing evening...and no. i'm not even going to post them here. i do have a bit of a conscience left, apparently.

the two best songs of the night? (did you really expect me to pick just one?) not flood. gag. i didn't even like that song back when it was popular. which is funny...since it's kinda like their "hit". that one song they have to play at every.single.show. can i even call them my favorite band if i don't like it? hmmm. anyways. the two best songs of the night: something beautiful (the eleventh hour) and run in the night (the shelter) (the links will take you to the lyrics page; just scroll down to the right song). good stuff. i'd rhapsodize more about the songs and the reasons i love them but i think i'll save the real personal stuff for another day. i'm just not feeling it tonight. just know that i bawled at something beautiful. cried like a moody teenager. serious. but then again...how could i not? i mean, it was jars of clay. after all. {wink}

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