04 January 2012

blogity blog blog

it would seem that i have been neglecting this little piece of internet real estate.
but that really isn't the case.
i have sat at this computer, in this chair, fingers clicking away quite a bit lately.
i've just never hit "publish".
the words staring back at me in their black and white reality were just a bit too real.
too personal.
too private.
so...i've been taking up the pen more often.
writing my words down on lined paper.
keeping them to myself.
i don't want to abandon this blog completely.
i would like to keep it alive and fresh.
a place to write out my moments with my littles as they grow increasingly LESS little.
because i'm already experiencing the forgetfulness of motherhood.
the mini moments get lost so quickly.
i can't remember what elijah's baby voice sounded like...his coos and gurgles that kept me company in the night.
i can't remember all lucy's silly pronunciations and made up songs.
naomi is already starting to lose her "baby-ness" at 14 months...
and though i do my best to cling to it...she can't help but grow up.
she's losing her baby thunder thighs and gaining a vocabulary.
it's these little moments that this blog can help me remember.
i may not be able to record everything here...but i can certainly try.
and try i must...
i will try.
another goal for another year.
write more.
even if it's silly and seems insignificant.
someday i will appreciate it...

i already do.

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