10 November 2013

one week ago...

photo by Bethany Carlson Photography

it was exactly one week ago.
seven days have passed since I held his slippery body to my chest and shh-shh-ed, "it's okay baby...mama's here".
he was screaming...of course.
most babies do upon entrance into this cold, artificially lit world.
I trembled as I held him...my body shaking with the effort of pushing his nine pound frame out into the world.
shaking with exhaustion and wonder.

he is perfect.
sweet and beautiful.
mellow and calm.
not much makes him cry or fuss.

S A M U E L --------> God provides
the final piece to our family.

savouring every moment...I watch him sleep.
run my finger gently down the bridge of his nose.
his lips pucker in a kiss.
I bend down and bury my face in his baby soft head, trying to memorize its intoxicating aroma.

oh baby mine...how I love you so.

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