31 December 2005

happy new year!

yikes! only three days til john and i leave for mexico! how crazy is that?

for those of you who don't know...john and i are taking a very extended vacation to mexico for the month of january. yes...you read that right. the entire month! kinda crazy i know...but no one ever accused us of being boring and typical right? heh. i guess when we planned this vacation we didn't really think about how long a month really is...i mean a TON of stuff goes on in a month! hello...who's gonna pay the bills? get the mail? pick up the paper? take out the trash? (well...since we're not home i guess there won't be any trash to take out...but that's besides the point). plus i have the christmas present for my brother and his wife that i've been trying to finish for about a month that i really need to get in the mail before we leave...but i'm not sure the post office is even open on monday! yikes...guess i'd better find that out.

so. it's new year's eve. anybody got any big plans? john and i are headed over to some friends house for a little shindig...the boys just wanted an excuse to play poker i think...not quite sure what the girls are gonna do. oh well. i can't stay very long anyways since i havta be at church early on sunday morning. i'm singing in the worship service. thankfully...the pastors decided to just have one service (thanks pastor mike!) at 10.45am...so instead of having to be at church at 6.30am...i don't havta be there until 8.30am! yay! so i guess i can stay up to ring in the new year...shout HAPPY 2006! and then head to bed. that's sounds like a good plan...

anyways...i'm totally wasting time here. i've got to get packing!

have a safe and fun new year's eve celebration!!!

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