06 June 2006

the dog days of summer

well...summer has offically hit central california. the high today? oh...just a balmy 99 degrees...should be LOVELY. *sigh* i'm seriously melting. thankfully john's sister has a pool...i've been frequenting it quite often. the cool water does provide a bit of a reprive.

on the baby-front...the baby's doing good. after a slightly rocky first trimester...i have offically entered the "feel good" trimester. i still haven't quite got the "feel good" part of it yet...but i'm confident that they're just around the corner. thankfully...most of my nausea is gone...but i'm still dog-tired all the time. even a half-hour walk requires a two hour recovery period (read: naptime!). i'm trying to be healthy and exercise...but it's pretty hard when i can't swim more than a few laps at a time. oh well...along with feeling better i'm supposed to be gettting more energy too. i'll keep my eye out for the ups man to drop that energy by... ;)

anyways...not much else is going on in the anaya household. i'm headed to washington for peter and erin's graduation in a few days (just a little bit embarrassed that my little brother is graduating before me...*sigh*). i'm so looking forward to it! not only will i get a brief break from the oven down here but i get to hang out with my way-cool little bro and sis-in-law, my parents and one of my best friends! after the grad...i'm heading to canada to visit with a really good friend of mine for a few days. i can't wait! :)

welp...i hope everyone's first week of june is going swell..."talk" to you later! :D

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